DMP Update Code - Post your impressions here

I am a terrible speller and an even worse typist. I liked your definition though

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Six, Subsequent to our conversation, and at your suggestion, I have managed to track down a ASUS DRW 22B2S DRIVE. Found one at a HiFi emporium located in Edinburgh – which is only 35 miles from where I live. Question: Are the ribbon cables connecting the DRIVEs the same or will they have to be changed to suit ?

(Your spelling is pretty good) (Also: abated. That’s where bated is derived from. Shakespeare like to make up his own words, eg, Bedazzled !!)

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smart cat!

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I initially had typed baited instead of bated my oops. I used a single drive 80 pin cable to the interface board. PS Audio used the 40 pin. The difference being the 80 pin has a ground for each wire. connectors are the same. One issue you may run into is you will need to get an adapter from the SATA power cord to the IDE power cord. I had a cable that was supplied with the original drive in my PWT and when I got the sata drive from PS Audio they supplied the cable to connect it to their power supply. You should be quite surprised at how well the PWT behaves with the IDE drive. Be sure the drive termination strap is set to slave. This will not help with the I2S HDMI issues you had mentioned though. I hope that has been resolved in the past. Good luck!

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Any news about software update DMP planned beginning of september??


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I am getting anxious too for that one! Hopefully any day or minute now!

I’m holding off for the final one when that comes and hope that any delay is because they are working on Blu-ray functionality.

I’ll pass on the next software update, until it’s been out for a while, as my DMP is working almost perfectly, for what I use it for, playing CD’s and SACD’s. Yes there are still a few glitches, like repeat ALL doesn’t work if you stop a disk, and then hit play, unless you toggle through the repeat options and re-select it. But other than that, it’s been smooth sailing.

I agree about the functionality of 3.06. It is a big improvement over the previous software releases. I still have things that I am hoping get resolved in the next load and it is always possible to revert so I am willing to jump as soon as it becomes available.

Just talked to Barry and Tom who are working on it. It’s finished and in testing. Should be released early next week.


Thanks for the info, looking forward to it.

I’ve tried the latest software for a few weeks now. So far my most major gripe is that just pressing “PLAY” never just “works” … always it has to be “keep play pushed, and wave remote around for a few seconds” until it plays or leads to another frustration, “pause”.

If I push the “1” button though, play ALWAYS starts.

One clear improvement is that disks are recognized a lot faster.

I’ve noticed this phenomenon with all my SACD’s and it does indeed sound exactly like a stylus landing in the groove of an LP. Very weird to hear in my system after not having owned a turntable since 1990.

That and restored functionality of data discs are the only things I need from the new update.

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I also experience the same soft pop in the beginning when playing SACD’s. The other thing I forgot to mention earlier, is the lack of track info on all but one cd. It’s weird because song tiles appear on SACD’s and on just one of my cd’s. I do have an SD card inserted in the DMP.

Also,don’t forget about the audio splash…very annoying…and if it happens with the volume up…oh boy…you will be startled! Could also be detrimental to our speakers.


Thank you to you for letting us know and to Barry and Matt for their hard work!

So very interesting to hear all the differing issues. I tried my data discs. Both dvd and cd data discs play perfectly in mine on 3.06. I don’t have play button issues on my remote and no pops or sounds at beginning or end of DSD discs either.

I use toast titanium to burn my discs perhaps that has something to do with it? I doubt it but throw it out anyway.

Hoping the next update next week fixes these for everyone and doesn’t negatively affect the sonic improvements 3.06 has brought.

My only concern, going by previous experience is that the next update carries us on in an upward trajectory - without any other quirks - Beit downward or sideward… It took me awhile to get 3.06 to behave itself; I was ably assisted by andolink, sixpack1 and especially oddeophile who supplied me his beta files.

I would just like, as I am sure others would too, to install the next update code without any faffing about… Simply just load, play, and enjoy even more delights but without the grief !!


Agreed Dirk!! Let’s all pray forthwith.

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