DMP Upgrade 3.13 released

More bug fixes in our effort to polish up DMP. Highly recommended that you download and install 3.13.


Thank you, Paul

Do you have a list of bugs fixed and other changes?

Edit: Never mind! I see their are release notes contained in the zip file. :slight_smile:

Sonic changes if any from 3.10?

So far…much quicker loading/reading and meta data resolution. Track navigation on CDs/SACDs is fine. Thanks much to your new/improved DMP programmer! He/she obviously has come from Knuth’s algorithms and dealt with the previous spaghetti code.

3.09 caused my machine to lock up and I had to go back to 3.06. But 3.14 loaded quickly, reads discs quickly, and track navigation and screen info all seems fine. And, SQ is excellent. Was not expecting this so late in the year - what a great year-end gift!

Sounds better.
No operational problems either.

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Updated smoothly. Disk loaded quickly. Then the next hour became “One of those
listening session”. Along with Snowmass everything sounded right, there is a synergy.
Timing and pacing was perfect. Vocals was detail, natural, articulate and distinct. Highly
engaging and musical. Digital has finally grown up. I am starting to sound like a fanboy.
Santa is bringing a Power Plant on Thursday, this will be a great Christmas.

Quick and flawless 3.13 firmware update. Tomorrow I’ll spin some disks and put it through its paces. I have been very pleased with the reliability/functionality of 3.10. I am excited to see what continued improvements this release brings.

Thank you very much @Paul for your unwavering dedication to this special DMP.


Updated without a hitch. Sounds great but slightly different. Going to wait until I have more time to listen, and things settle in, before commenting.

And we were told there were to be no more updates this year after 3.10. Somebody has been burning the midnight oil.

I am (very) apprehensive to say the least regarding downloading and installing 3.13… It’s almost 6 weeks since I installed 3.10 and my DMP has performed faultlessly re: functionality and usability, and my system is sounding fantastic with 3.10 & Snowmass V1… I will have to mull it over. Why risk breaking what isn’t broken…?! After all this is a DMP !!!

I wouldn’t if I were in your situation.

I did install it in mine and it went without a hint of any problem. But if my DMP was as functional as yours I definitely would not have.

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Wise words. I will leave it as it is… Thanks.

Did 3.13 noticeably improve sound quality?

I’m really skeptical of all these judgments of sound differences with f/w updates that fix bugs.

In the absence of blind ABX testing, I generally avoid commenting about the sound of these fixes. 3.13 sounds no different to my ears than 3.10 for whatever that’s worth.

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As I’m buying cards I’ll hold off to see that another firmware doesn’t appear in five weeks, and another. . . .

Very wise. I just get used to a firmware when another pops up. 3.10 is the only firmware that has been fault free so now is the time for me to stop. I will give the final version, whenever that might be, a try !.

Sounds better how?

They are in a PDF I should probably remove from the zip file. :slight_smile:

Minor changes in artwork retrieval and fixing a number of small bugs. Too numerous to mention.

There’s no change in the sound quality I can detect.