DMP 3.09 firmware released

As promised download the latest upgrade for DMP users. 3.09 is a major upgrade that solves most of the issues we’ve been waiting for. I’ll post a list of bug fixes and upgrades as soon as Barry gives it to me.

I’ve been testing this on the DMP in Music Room One and the test setup for RMAF and it is a joy to use on CD and data discs. I can skip forward or backward to the next track with ease and the load time’s back to where it was before 3.07.

I also find this to be the best sounding release of them all.



Downloaded and playing now. So far, so good! Initially, I think it’s got a nice new crispness to the sound.

I ordered an SD card. Here’s hoping. “Crisper” is perhaps not what I would want most, but I’ll bet the sound quality is improved.

I skipped 3.08. One kind member offered to send me his SD card and did, but it hasn’t arrived and reading of the problems and time lag loading I don’t think I need to I’m hoping if there’s any more improvements in blu-ray audio loading and playing another update may come. . . that is the final frontier that I want from this component (and one reason I bought it in the first place, it was advertised as playing them).

Downloaded 3.09 without a problem, seems to work fine, but limited testing there. The sound, however…I was listening to a Schumann Quartet on a standard CD just before so I played it again after the download. This recording was done in a reverberant hall and the sense of that space has been greatly enhanced. Moreover, each instrument sounds more real with a marvelous three-dimensional soundstage for the group. I go to a lot of live chamber concerts so I know how the instruments sound and this is wonderful. I’m not a reviewer, so I don’t have their vocabulary. All I can say is that 3.09 is well worth it for the sound alone.

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Wonderful report.

Just to review, the SD card is inserted contacts facing down?

Yes, facing down.

Screen too bright problem has been fixed with a nice slider instead of the 3 discrete steps.

Fast forward and rewind now function properly on data discs and USB.


Thanks guys. Yes, this is a major upgrade in all respects plus Barry added a few features too that st50maint has discovered already. We’re very close now.

Here’s the release notes:

Version: 3.09
Date: Oct 3, 2018 File: DMP00309.hex



Load 3.09 improves CD load performance and data disc/ USB sub-directory navigation. There are various other UI improvements, including a new dimmer slider setting in the setting menus, fixes for track names not displaying fully and many others.

Navigation of USB and Data Disc sub-directories

For USB and data disc sub-directory navigation, functionality is added to allow navigation using the remote control.

If the track is STOPPED or PAUSED, the up and down arrow keys on the remote can be used to navigate up directory levels. During PLAY, these arrow keys are used to fast forward or fast reverse the playing track.

Pressing the UP arrow key will return to the previous directory level. This corresponds to the Up Level icon on the Track Select Menu.

Pressing the DOWN arrow key will return to the root directory, regardless of what level the player is currently at. This corresponds to the Root Dir icon on the Track Select Menu.

Directory entries are included as part of the track list and are numbered along with the tracks themselves. Directory entries have the text [DIR] pre-pended to the directory name, to distinguish them from song tracks.

Directory entries can be entered in the following ways:

  • Skipping to the entry and pressing the PLAY button (the auto-play feature will not effect directory entries)
  • Selecting it from the Track Select Menu
  • Entering the track number using the remote

Fixed Issues

  • Match DMP and DSD dimmer settings and turn into slider
  • Users advance to the next track but no sound plays when DMP says it’s playing
  • Track names with a ‘.’ - everything chopped off after and including ‘.’
  • USB/DataDisc can’t play track from touch panel - but IR remote will work
  • Sub Dir navigation through remote control?
  • CD didn’t reset to track one at end of play
  • CDs take longer to load on 3.07 than 3.06
  • Large Track number will display as 255 and nothing will play
  • Fast forward and rewind does not work properly with USB and DVD data discs.
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Thanks to Paul and crew for listening to their customers, the great communication, and your integrity.

This is a big step forward in the user friendliness of the DMP. It also sounds fantastic. I have just begun to use this version but the improvements in functionality are obvious. I am still getting clicks with SACD start up and than going back to pcm. I have seen Ted mention that the next load for the Directstream DAC will be working on that issue. So far so good!

Install went smoothly. Repeat all now works even after stopping a disk, and then continuing play.
One small click followed by a slightly louder click when starting an SACD. I believe that’s a little better than the previous firmware. Also a noticable improvement in SQ. Good job!
Question, is there a trick to getting the song titles to appear? Out of all my disks, only one CD and one SACD shows the song titles.

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Before going to work downloaded 3.09 and tried a few cd’s…yes…Albums that didn’t play with 3.07 now do, songtitles and cover appeared also very quick. DSD also good and a nice dimmer bar to get the backlight of displays equal. Soundquality excellent
Looks very very good so early in the morning. Thanks PS Audio for this milestone.

Ronald Wijker

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It works. Hooray. About time. Longer track names still get chopped off, so if they can get that fixed in the next edition would be good. And repeat is not working, gets to the end of the last track and stops…I expect it to continue playing from the start of track 1. Thanks.

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Very cool that my Sub Dir navigation via remote issue is part of this update.

Kudos to the PSA team!

WOW… It all works. I can even remove the black cat bone from the top cover and I’ve stopped wearing the amulet around my neck. :slight_smile:

It took me hours to test the operation of the DMP with 3.09 - because I got lost in the music ! “EASE” of operation and sound. Front to Rear & Side to Side, bloody hell… I use two pairs of omnidirectional speakers for front and rear and this is the best, most realistic I’ve heard my system sound. Incredible !!

All the quirks I encountered navigating through SCADs are now fixed.

NB: The repeat still doesn’t work properly. So this still needs to be addressed.

And, it still appears to be completely dead when I reboot/power cycle - but then after a short while it powers up ? Maybe - this is a permanent thing now, I’ve asked but nobody seems forthcoming, is this the new normal ? But, just for the sound quality with 3.09, I’d even put up with breaking twigs and dried leaves to fire-up the DMP………

I can only report on my own findings: – 3.09 is definitely a ‘BIG” improvement to my listening pleasure for functionality and musicality…
But please fix the repeat so that it works every-time and not intermittently as this is a function I regularly use…

Well done, to all involved.


We’re trying, boss. Hopefully this release gets most of the issues fixed.

That’s great news. Thanks for letting us know. I find the same thing as well. It’s really getting close.

One issue which continues unfixed from 3.08 that I’m seeing is the metadata from a disc currently playing is displayed scrambled together with metadata from the previous disc played.

Not a biggie to me but weird.

Question: Why does DMP load 3.09 from the SD every time the power is switched on (i.e. blue flashing logo)? If it’s been loaded with 3.09 previously it should know that and not need to load it again.


I’m not convinced 3.09 sounds better than 3.06, I’m inclined to lean towards 3.06 as sounding better.