DNM solid cores (& others)

This classic “magnet wire” construction has piqued my interest.
DNM I think is already an olden classic manufacturer, I assume well known here too. Has gotten very positive feedback for decades. Affordable and still competitive.
Here’s their design philosophy:

It’s an extremely less-is-more construction - fairly low gauge good quality copper solid core with the conductors spaced apart at a calculably favourable distance by a spacer. Very very little dielectric, arranged so most of the field is in air.

DNM now offers the “Resolution” 16-gauge cable meant for lower impedance speakers.
I really am after the advertised (and customer-certified) benefits, non-fatiguing, aural, detailed… My current cables are a bad sibilant match atm.
But am wondering if I might lose some bass slam with this gauge.

My system, Electrocompaniet ECI-1 driving Audio Physic Tempo IVs. 4ohm, 89db… Two 6.5" bass woofers on each speaker. So not terribly demanding, but the APs do enjoy power.
Should I go for it?

Also general discussion on solid core “magnet wire” cabling, share your experiences. Thank you.

Looks a lot like 300 ohm aerial feeder - I wonder if anyone has done comparisons between these cables?
(Note the 300 ohm rating doesn’t apply at audio frequencies, only at RF)

Yeah, I’ve read a multitude of people saying that of DNM ; )
But to be fair the DNM cable is meticulously designed also mechanically, low Q for allowing micro-movements of the conductors in changing fields.

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I used DNM in both my systems until getting Isolda for my main system and using Atlas 2.0 in my office (purchased for ESLs and needed longer runs). I never had bass slam in the first place, but I had no complaints with DNM. Still have it here in a box.

Wanna sell it? If it’s the 16AWG “Resolution” model.

I’ll look and check later.