Opinion Crystal Cables Micro Speaker Cables

One of my friendly dealers just took these Crystal Cables Micro Speaker Cables, in trade and he called me about the cable. I currently have a pair of Shunyata Venom cables that I do love. I’ve held out waiting something great to come by. I have all Siltech for Interconnects. Mainly PS Audio and a few Nordost for Power. Does anyone own or have an opinion on this cable? Here’s my setup currently.

Thanks in advance.


Crystal build great cables, and I use them (Crystal Cable Ultra Diamond speaker and I/C). So do Siltech. They are owned by the same company. Shunyata also build good cables, particularly their Sigma digital clock cable which is the best cable money can buy in that category.

The answer to your question is simple. Borrow the cables from the dealer and compare with what you have.

So sorry for the sidebar, but what are you using in the middle of the PSA sandwich? (lol) . Are those tube pre-amps running out to 300’s ?


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I also love headphones. I have Focal Utopia’s. That is a WOO WA5-LE tube amp. EML XLS 2 X 300B’s, Tung Sol Round Plates 2 X 6F8G’s and EML 2 X 5U4G’s.

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I would have never guessed that…

Wow… Nice. My Deckard and I are gonna go hide somewhere… Nice set up though. Very clean, balanced and nice “kit” as they say. However your Laptop is not centered! Ok, my OCD is better now.

Thanks for the reply,

Good luck w/ Cables.

You’re right, my OCD antennae were tingling too. I installed a new Ethernet dongle and I didn’t like the location on the rack so I moved the computer to let it hang down the side. New computer’s don’t have Ethernet ports. I avoid WI-FI if I can.

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