Do BHK amps need surge protection?

Do large amplifiers like the BHKs need surge protection to protect them? Or can they absorb power surges and be fine on their own? (I know lightening can fry anything, let’s not worry about that scenario).

I’ve got a dedicated line and have clean power overall, but we get bad storms in the Southeast over the summer and the power will flicker occasionally. I’d prefer to go straight to the wall with the amp, but don’t want the stress of having to go unplug them whenever it rains.

I know the ideal answer is a big power plant, but let’s assume the choices are either a good surge protector (Furman or Tripp Lite) or straight to the wall. In my experience, amps don’t sound as good through Dectect / Niagara 1200 type products.

Thanks for any help, I haven’t been able to find the answer to this anywhere.

The best solution is to pull the plug if storms are in the area.

I think any surge protector in front of the power amps will only take away from the SQ while not adding any real safety.