Do I need a linear power supply if I have the PS12

I’m considering a streamer for which you can order an additional linear power supply. Sine I have the PS 12 power plant, do I really need this or is there some additional benefit to plugging in the linear supply between the streamer and the PS 12? Thanks for any insight into this. Cheers.

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I think that no matter what you plug a noisy LPS into, the LPS still remains noisy. Will it be less noisy plugged into the PS12? Maybe, I’d need to put an o-scope on it to be certain. Depending on the streamer, a few of us have measured and used this LPS:

If you poke at that auction I think you’ll find that they offer a variety of different outputs.

That looks like it’s built pretty good for that price.

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My experience on the PSU front it’s the effect is additively positive, until you add to a certain point and the effect will reverse.

By positive, I mean more musical, natural sounding and easy for the ears, by reverse, I mean more clinical, analytical, cold sounding.

You’d have to find out where is your system’s tipping point, that’s where the fun is.

I believe @jkrichards was the person who found it. I know a few people powered Jeff’s MK1 power board with it.

I bought that first here to power my router switch. Awesome supply and fairly priced. Responds to fuses and expensive power cords when plugged into P20 is better than LPS into wall.

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