Do you choose MW-Strength by your ears or

Do you choose MW-Strength by your ears/hearing ability or by the “Improvement Factor”-meter and if you let your ears decide, how come?
Shouldn’t the “Improvement Factor”-meter tell the truth on what you should use?

I’ve not tried to “be smarter” than my P15 yet so I use the setting that gives me the absolute highest Improvement Factor but we’re all different so it would bee interesting to see what you think about “Trusting your own ears” or a “Know it all-meter”.

My ears tell me!


I measure

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My ears, as I have a P10 and no “improvement” meter.


How do you measure?

Aurus mensurae device… similar to the KIA meter…

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I wish I could hear the changes that people hear but I’ve never heard any difference with MW.