Do you clean your new records?

Ok what is the verdict with a dirty record that went through the cleaning cycle?
Humminguru website will start taking orders in 3 days. Is it worth ordering? A simple yes or no will do.

Mine is supposed to arrive on Thursday. It’s coming via FedEx, routing through the Philippines and Anchorage, AK. It won’t be stacking up outside the Port of Los Angeles. However, the other discussion thread on FedEx horror stories does make me slightly nervous. I hope for the best.


Most of the records I had available to clean were new and they cleaned up satisfactorily. I had a couple of used LPs show up over the weekend via Discogs and one had a lot of stuff on it. Both LPs also cleaned up well.

If I have any concerns about the HumminGuru it is from how light the machine is overall. This is not a heavy duty unit. Will this RCM last long term? Especially with a lot of use; I’m skeptical. If the unit has a problem, you have to send it back to Hong Kong at your expense for repairs. No tear down videos online yet, so we are not sure if it has DIY repair or upgrade possibilities.


Yes, if you have a small collection or will only be using it for an occasional new and lightly used LP. Beats doing a small quantity by hand anyway.

No, if you need to clean a large collection of 100s LPs and often buy grungy used records. You probably would be better off with a VPI RCM or if you have the budget for a Degritter is probably the best way to go.

I have had a VPI RCM for 15+ years and it has served me well. Nearly zero upkeep in all of these years. Only have bought new cleaning brushes and clean solution. Easy to use, but labor intensive.

The HumminGuru is simple and easy to use. Will it be in service 15 years from now… only time will tell.

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Thank you for your kind response. I don’t have a large collection of vinyls and I don’t plan on abusing the RCM so we’re good.

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I’m definitely going to be purchasing one as well next year.

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I have a Kirmuss and it’s a bit of a pain to clean records. Sorry, restore……according to Kirmuss. I just had a HumminGuru arrive via my wife’s office. I’ll try it out tomorrow.


Looking forward to learning of your experience with the HumminGuru. I am a bit on the fence as my primary concern is build quality and how long it will last.

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When I set it up I’ll critically look at the construction and I’ll post my opinions. I bought it for more quickly “tuning up” records. I’ve bought new records that were filthy with residue and this was primarily for those.


My thoughts for using a HumminGuru parallel yours, I have other means to do the heavy lifting. The HumminGuru would address pre-play clean-ups/touch-ups. The Degritter is an alternative, but at a premium price.

I still have a VPI (which is still for sale) that I sometimes use for garage sale records, before they go into the Degritter.


LPs that enter the house get an ultrasonic cleaning, distilled water rinse and VPI 16.5 drying. Then Rice Paper sleeves and a mylar outer jacket. A Degritter or HumminGuru would be nice to touch them up just before playing. It’s a wonder I find time to actually listen to them.


Ran across a review of the Humminguru