Any Humminguru users here?

Turntable lab posted they just got a restock of the Humminguru ($479.99 cheaper than amazon) and the wife had been asking me what I want for Xmas…. Wondering if anyone has used one and likes the results? Or do you think 500 could be spent better elsewhere, like new cart, better phono stage, more records :joy::joy:. For context I have like 3k records, 99% of them bought used, so there would be no lack of work for an ultrasonic cleaner in my house. Right now I’m using audio intelligent one step to ok results….

I have one I bought when it was still a Kick Starter project. Overall I have been very pleased with mine. You cannot beat it for the price. I have probably cleaned over 200 LPs so far. I had a VPI 16.5 for about 16 years that I sold after buying it.

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