Does the PWD support DSD streaming

This probably has been covered in some previous threads…

Does the PWD support DSD streaming ?

If not, does PS Audio plan on future upgrades to support this ?


@rustyman Yes, this has been discussed extensively and I am sure @gordon will direct you to the lengthly thread. But, in a word, “no.” Whether the PWD3 & Bridge2 will support DSD & 2xDSD is a matter of some speculation. It is my understanding that there is no Firmware update that will unlock the chip for DSD which, in my opinion, is very disappointing.


There is some chance the PWD will support DSD over DoP, but but nothing concrete yet.

@rustyman If you are using JRiver, this may be what @Elk is referring to:

“DSD over PCM (DoP)

DSD over PCM packs DSD into a PCM-like signal for bitstreaming. This works in a similar way to how AC3 is packed into a PCM-like signal for S/PDIF surround sound output.

JRiver was part of formation of the DoP standard.

DSD over PCM requires Media Center 17.0.106 or newer.

To bitstream using this method:

Select ‘WASAPI - Event Style’ in Options > Audio > Output mode (and configure ‘Output mode settings…’ as necessary)

Select Options > Audio > Bitstreaming > Custom… and check only ‘DSD over PCM (DoP)’ (in MC17 and earlier, Bitstreaming is under Options > Video)

Customize the ‘DoP Format’ if you have an older device that does not support the DoP standard.”

Thank you for providing the additional info. I am a dedicated supported of PSAUDIO not only because they deliver quality products, but because Paul is very transparent about the companies strategy, and product short comings as well as offering ongoing solutions. There are not many Audio companies that does this. It still has to be determined (in my mind), whether sound Quality improvements in DSD streaming will be worth investing in additional hardware to support this.

P.S. I owned one of the early PSAUDIO CD transports and Ultralink DAC, which I sent back to PSAUDIO for their Library or Museum of earlier products. They still worked. Thanks Paul

Cool history!

@rustyman And thanks to you.