How to get the Bridge/Wavestream audio cohabitate with PC video (web, player)


My computer audio system is part of a single desktop Windows PC and I have no interest in gong dedicated. So the question is how to make listening to music get along with watching the normal range of web and media player video, given the several second audio delay that as I understand it is inherent in either the network connection or its use with Wavestream (run from a cable modem via a router). Any experience with or ideas for fixes, workarounds, ways to make quick switches, or…? I first ran into this with a PWD II, which led me to stick to USB, but the network sound is so good with a DS that I’d like to find a way to make it all work together, or work better.


Adding to the problem of coordination between audio and video is that when I switch players from foobar to VLC or Zoom Player or maybe web video, or turn off Wavestream to use USB for a bit and then come back, the Bridge disappears for a long time - and when it comes back it’s not obvious what happened or why - or if it’s going to stay, or work if it does. This has occurred three times today for extended periods. At first, the Bridge will show as connected in the Wavestream dialog box, but there will be no sound. Then a moment later the Bridge disappears entirely from that box and nothing I do brings it back. At this point, uPnP is also gone from foobar output choices. Yet, Sound will show with Wavestream as default and the DS’s screen shows the Bridge as input. Then all of a sudden Bridge will return to the Wavestream box, checked even, but there’s no sound, even whether I click on Connect or not. I set uPnP for foobar output and play, but no sound. Then the uPnP option disappears, even though the Wavestream box shows Bridge checked. Then soon the Bridge is apt to disappear from the box (and sys tray). Or the opposite, I play a web video and there’s sound, and when I go back to foobar there is the uPnP already set - and it plays! No apparent rhyme or reason, like I’m chasing my tail. I do use JPlay, but whether it’s running or not has no effect on this. Nor does rebooting. Completely puzzling.