Bridge: Sound drops out after 10 second in foobar2000 (no issues in JRiver)


I just started using the PWD DAC II with Bridge for the first time this weekend. In setting it up, I’m having an issue in foobar2000 where, after around 10 seconds of playback through the bridge, the sound drops out completely. It seems like it must be a configuration issue, as JRiver is working just fine. So one solution is to just use JRiver, though I really want to use foobar.

Here’s the setup I have:

  • PWD DAC II, v 2.4.4

  • Bridge, v2.15

  • Bridge is connected directly to the router, and uses DHCP

  • Laptop with foobar installed is on a wireless network

  • foobar has foo_out_upnp installed

  • The song being played is on the laptop’s local disk

The laptop can see bridge in foobar with no problems. When I play a song to the bridge, everything is initially fine. Around 9 seconds in, the playing time clock in foobar stops. Then a few seconds after that, I lose sound in my speakers.

Any thoughts on what might be happening? The fact that JRiver is perfectly fine has me thinking it’s a config issue somewhere in foobar.


A bit more information:

  • I tried playing several different file formats (MP3 and FLAC), and had the exact same issue. For different formats, there seems to be no difference as to when the sound drops out (10 seconds after playing)

  • I also tried using a second computer, with the exact same foobar2000 setup, and the issue is present there as well.


With some experimentation, I’ve found that if I:

  • Change the output data format from 16-bit to 24-bit

  • Increase the buffer length from 1s to 10s

I’m no longer getting drops. Both of these changes actually seem needed; if I change only one of these, but not the other, the dropouts persist.

Does it make sense that I’d really need to be using 24-bit?