Internet conflicts with DS/Bridge and UPnP - need help figuring out the cause(s)


I’m trying to figure out the source and any possible fixes for repeated conflicts between internet and DS/Bridge using UPnP and Wavestream. This is single user desktop Win 8.1 computer, with a clean reinstall of the OS earlier this week (which solved a lot but not this problem) and all PS Audio firmware is the latest. Internet comes from a cable modem (Charter) run through a router, with the ethernet line to the Bridge also coming from that router. With that setup, music sounds great, better than via USB, there are some problems…

  • Playing music with foobar, when I go to a web page with one or more video streams that play by default - e.g., Yahoo home page and some parts of ESPN - the music via foobar cuts out, sometimes with a screeching hash. The cutout always occurs when I can hear the streaming video’s sound, and very often even when I can’t. Note: this type of cutout does not occur with USB; in fact, with USB both audio sources can be heard.

  • Music files playing with foobar sometimes stop mid song for no apparent reason. To get it going again, I have to do one of the following: 1) press Stop and then restart the song; 2) close and restart foobar; 3) reset Ouput in foobar to UPnP; or 4) use the IP address to reset UPnP from the PS Audio page and then reconnect Wavestream to the Bridge. Sometimes, I have to do all or part of the latter more than once (I’ve even occasionally seen the IP address change between tries, and then change back).

  • OTOH, I can play a video with Zoom Player (or VLC) and a streaming flash player video on the web (e.g., YouTube) and hear both simultaneously, no cutouts or crashing, just like with USB. But either while playing foobar leads to cutout.

So what does that tell you? Foobar? Wavestream or DS/Bridge firmware? In the nature of using ethernet/UPnP with a computer (i.e., no server)? Or…? One thing for sure is that it’s not browser specific (happens with Opera 12, 25, FF 34, IE11). I’m using the ethernet route because I find the SQ that way far superior to USB, even with a JCat card, Core Audio LPS and TotalDac 1 cable. Thanks,