Redcloud for DS is live

Come and get it! Go to downloads and download Redcloud for DirectStream. Remember to unzip the file and remove the files out of the folder and onto a clean SD card. If you need instructions, go here.

Have fun and let us know!

Redcloud for DSJ later today.

Just ordered mine. Thanks!

Thanks Paul! I’m extremely excited to check this out. I still can’t believe Ted continues to find ways to further improve upon an already stellar piece of hardware!

Mine is done. Thanks Paul.

I’ve got mine! Can’t wait to try it out!

First impression is very good: better audible voices, less noise and more ‘romantic’ sound!

Out-flippin’-standing! Can’t wait to go home and get this loaded!

Thank you Paul and Ted!!!

Updated without a glitch! Bravo Paul, Ted and the entire PS Audio staff. All the more reason I know I made the right decision to become a PS Audio disciple. Christmas came early today! clapping_gifcircle-of-hearts-smiley-emoticon_gifbeer_gif

謝謝 ~~~ 更新好了~~~快來聽 喔耶

Great news, thanks Paul, Ted, and everyone at PS Audio!

Is there a preferred order for installing the Bridge II update and Redcloud? Thanks.

Listening. Updated without issues…

Thanks Paul, Ted and PSA team. Appreciate the great work!

Red Cloud is a go!


Can’t Bridge II updating be done in the same way as the DSD’s, i.e., via SD card (or USB)? Don’t see anything but network in the how-to, but I’ve never done it that way.

Downloaded Redcloud and sampled some music: Some Stravinsky (Dumbarton Oaks), some Walton (Scherzo from First Symphony), some Paul Simon, some Josh Turner, some Vienna Teng. Outstanding! I didn’t know Huron had this much room for improvement. It’s revelatory.

Both updates done without any problems. First impressions are Red Cloud is a bigger improvement over Huron than Huron>Torreys. A momentary gulp when the display reset to low dim from medium where I had it set but all is good. Keep up the good work. Forward to Octave and Bridge III!

No problems with install. If you like what Huron does for your ears…Redcloud is much better in every regard. First impressions leaves me thinking any edge with Huron has vanished. Back to listening now… happy-132_gif

Awesome! Just played Mozart’s requiem (Wiener - Bohm) on the DMP with Huron first and then Redcloud, and the improvement is obvious. Diana Ross sounded great through Bridge 2 as well.

Thank you Paul, Ted and PS Audio team for this early Xmas treat!

Fantastic update!

First impression:

  • much improved touchable soundstage with even more plastically appearing instruments and voices
  • soundstage very much improved also in terms of instrument separation and assignment, like if additional rows of instruments are inserted and soundstage is better spread from left to right, too
  • more shine, authenticity and energy throughout
  • much better controlled deep bass (Donald Fagen, Yello, several classical orchestras, their timpani players and my sub say thank you!)
  • kind of purged out resonances and thickness from Huron
  • impression of weight seems shifted from deepest bass to upper bass/lower mids
  • nearly all clicks when switching from PCM to DSD gone
  • lower dimmed display available again
I should find more when swiching back an forth, but I don't want to go back ;-)

Congratulation and thanks Ted, this is an impressive upgrade!

No problems here too, but…

Display setted on low dim by deafult. Switching to medium, display goes to off nerd_gif

Loaded up without any problem - anyway, I reloaded Huron then Redcloud and a power-cycle simply because I’ve had previous issues with other O/S loads… Where I live I am 7 hours in front of Boulder and the grandkids are staying the weekend, and in bed, so I am listening at 15 on the BHK preamp… The performance is better in every area… Top to bottom… More weight and clearer articulation - an easy tunefulness through the bass… Much more natural presentation overall… Very smooth… Very musical… I have never heard my system sound this engaging with the volume at such a low level… Normally after installing a new O/S it takes a good few hours before I can settle down with the change(s), but straight off the bat Redcloud is pulling me in… Well done Ted ! You are something else…

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