Latest firmware for the PWD mk.1?


To be honest I’ve lost count of the different firmware versions for the PWD :slight_smile: As I still own a PWD mk.1, could anyone tell me what the newest firmware version for the mk.1 is? And where it can be downloaded?

Thanks in advance!





I just thought the 2.43 was only for the mk.2?


No it is for both Mark I and Mark II.


Okay, thanks!



I am currently a proud owner of a DAC MARKI. I installed the firmware 2.4.3 and everything works fine. But it is written on the support page on the firmware tab, at the end of the chapter “The process” it is write "Complete detailed instructions appear below. A reminder, this upgrade is ONLY for PWD MKII. Please do not upgrade the firmware if you have an older MKI. Year MKI that has been upgraded to a MKII is fine, it is actually a MKII ".


@didier44200 Yeah, that’s exactly what I stumbled upon as well.


I’ll tell Paul to change that.


maybe info pages need to go through Beta too. >:)

P Mg

How about a slight paradigm shift as my Xmas gift?