Parts needed to keep pwdmkii


Hello as I am surely not the first to think of this. Besides the case.

What parts would be needed to keep using the Pwd mkii once the upgrade is done.

I know it will need a display ? How much is that ?

Next what about the inputs on the back are they reused. Just asking and I am sure others here are wondering too.



The digital inputs are on the digital board (the one replaced in the MK II upgrade) and I assume the analog outputs are on the analog board so both should get replaced in the DS upgrade. I don’t think it is just the display that would need to be replaced but also the display board, which is not swapped out in the DS upgrade. I have no idea how standard those are or whether an off-the-shelf board would accept the proper firmware (but I’m not a techie).


Ok I see the point . Well all in all not so bad. Let’s see when I get the upgrade delivered .