DS - DSD via JRiver using Bridge II

Is it possible to play dsf or dff audio files using Bridge II as an input with JRiver?

With the settings suggested here the only think I get is pink noise. No specific thread on Interact or Audiophile Style (CA), either.

I found the DS very musical, and even more so when feeding PCM via ethernet rather than USB (ultrarendu) and I am wondering if I can get the same benefit with bitperfect files.

I’m with the last firmware for both and on JR20.

Hi rikirk,

Yes it is possible to play dsf and dff files over the Bridge II, but it only supports single rate DSD (DSD64) files. If you play anything higher than that, you will get pink noise.

If you are trying to play DSD64 files and are having trouble, I suspect that you still need to tweak your jRiver settings some more. If this is the case, let me know and I will send you some screen-shots of how I have jRiver configured to work.

Thank you microwave.

Unfortunately, it occurs with any kind of rate for bitperfect files and I would like to see your setting to compare.

To PS Audio:

Is the Bridge III going to solve the bottom neck and able to stream DSD256 over the internet without hiccups?

My intention is to get rid of the Ultrarendu and get a rendered that has a Ethernet output instead.

Any timeframe of the availability, at least in terms of quarter if not month?

I use the following settings to stream DSF 64 and DFF 64 files to my Direct Stream DAC’s original model Bridge. The files (using JRiver) stream wirelessly from my PC to my Xfinity Gateway and from there via Ethernet to the Bridge.

Tools>Options>Media Network>Add or Configure DLNA Servers>Advanced (the one at the bottom not the one under Audio>

Then check off the following:

Bitstream DSD

That should do the trick.

Hi and thanks you all for the help!

I did followed the instructions to the letter (I use JR since v.16):
In Media Network Options:

  1. Audiophile 24-bit DAC / Mode: Original / Format PCM 24 bit / Stereo Downmix;
  2. DLNA Server, Renderer, Controller all checked.
    In Zone DLNA Controller Options:
    Ignore Transport Event, Disable SetNext Support checked.
    I also linked Player and Bridge II zones together.

After many crashes, reboots, I had to play a PCM file to let JR finally digest the DSD64 thereafter. Not a surprise considering JR engine. No wonder I’m reluctant to update it.

Plenty of buffering, not as resolving as USB via URendu (better in-house job?), so I will go back to HQP and deal with the spaghetti.

Guess I have to hold on and make a bigger move when the EtheRegen is in the house if there is no Bridge III by then.

I don’t understand what this means. I play DSD64 using JRiver, without any issue, whenever I want. I know this doesn’t directly help you, but JRiver will play DSD64 to the Bridge II reliably.

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I always suggest running this program and using all the suggested JRiver settings. It’s a little more complicated but this gets you in the ballpark. Once you see the Bridge II within JRiver, right click and select all the exceptions (don’t remember the exact language): ignore set next…


Thanks for the follow up. The test run successfully.
Still audio is buffering when streaming DSD64.
What I meant with I’m not surprise is that JR is prone to crashing.
I use it daily on the TV Media Server.


Honestly, JRiver hasn’t crashed on me in two years, maybe more.

Edit: and whatever PSAudio did with the latest Bridge release makes Bridge discovery in JRiver foolproof.

Howdy Rikirk,

Generally JR is pretty solid in our experience. Do you have it updated to the latest version? And please make sure you have the volume on your computer running JRiver set to 100.

Also, it might help to restart your router.

If you continue to experience trouble, best bet would be to chat with our service team. 1-800-PSAUDIO and select option 2. Or you can email them at service@psaudio.com

hi @rikirk,

In the DLNA setup for 24 bit audiophile expand the advanced option, then select DSP studio… This customizes the DSP studio settings for that DLNA server.

Then in the DSP studio, set it up like this:

I hope that helps.

Thanks @mycrowave !

Sorry for such a late reply. Did not received a notification from the forum.

I actually found out that the issue was in the file Playback Method not being in Automatic.

Still not a smooth process when playing DSD64, much less stuttering for sure, almost down to very few episodes, but I can guess there is some sweat while streaming DoP via the bridge II. No idea if it is because of JR or the hardware.

I do love the tonality of the DS, though. It’s a keeper. I might just use it for PCM via bridge, and my other DAC for DSD only. Just need to swap the XLRs.

Thanks for the follow up.
Will give a call next week.

All the best,

My pleasure @rikirk,

I was a die-hard JRiver fan until I discovered Roon. Now I use Roon for all things digital audio and JRiver for all things digital video.

JRiver is such a PITA to get working properly for audio. I found myself wasting hours trying to get things working the way that I wanted. The nice thing about Roon is that the software already has a database of the proper configuration settings for many different pieces of equipment built into the software. So, when I select PS Audio Direct Stream Junior DAC from the list of devices, it just works properly when playing any of my files. Yes it may automatically temporarily transcode a file to get it to play, but at least it plays without me having to fiddle with settings for a half an hour to figure out the best playback option for the file in JRiver, it automatically chooses the best playback method.

Once tried roon, I never looked back. I paid the lifetime subscription fee, and have enjoyed hassle free digital streaming ever since.


Can’t agree more about JR being a PITA. But to put my $ where my mouth is, I just upgraded to MC25 and setup the Zones I need.

Tried Roon twice, when they just started and 3 months ago. I like HQPlayer standone. I use a custom software that integrates it with JRiver (for free!).

Really looking forward to the Bridge III especially if plays DSD64 without hiccups and maybe DSD128.
I have to keep USB/Ultrarendu/HQPlayer/LPS in place until then because of that.

Any idea on the release date?

hi @rikirk,

I know that there have been a lot of discussion around the forums about bridge III, but I really haven’t been following them. I have a DSJr whose bridge cannot be upgraded by us mere mortals. I will be upgrading to the DSSr. in the coming months so perhaps I will start to pay more attention to those threads at that time.