Bridge II Streaming DSD

Can the Bridge II stream DSD from JRiver? The B II product page here on the site says “The PerfectWave Bridge can handle any sample rate and bit depth from 44.1kHz 16 bit all the way up to 192kHz 32 bit without breaking a sweat.” So I guess the answer to my question is it can’t.

I’ve started recording my LPs experimenting with WAV files which stream fine. I made a DSD file which did not work. The choices with my recorder are DSDIFF or DSF at either 2.8 or 5.6 MHz. I used DSF 5.6 MHz. I’ll try DSF 2.8 and see if it works, but expect it won’t if the quote above is correct.

Either way I won’t be disappointed, the 96KHz/24 bit WAV files sound darn good, but not quite as good as the vinyl playback in my system. I was hoping to get digital files that sound as good or better, then sell all the analog and buy a P10 wink

The Bridge (I or II) can handle single rate DSD but not double. JRMC needs to be properly configured (mostly check the box for bitstreaming so JRMC packages the DSD stream as DoP) under Advanced at the bottom of the Configure DLNA Server screen, if I recall correctly). The DS can handle double rate DSD over USB or I2S.