DS Front Panel UI issues

This is actually cosmetics issue. But can be important for wi-fi authorization 1_gif.

There are bunch of issues/inconsistencies when someone tries to change the name of the inputs to some custom names through the front panel UI.

  1. Any change in the name through UI does not really get reflected properly till I reboot the dac by switching off/on the power switch at back.

  2. Looks like if the custom name is 13 characters long the names appear fine. If it is less than 13 characters the characters from the previous input name gets added at the end. This happens in the main UI screen (where the input selection, type of inputs dsd/pcm, bit rate, phase are shown). Though the changed name appears fine sometimes in the home screen where one scrolls through the inputs. I tried padding spaces at the end of the names which are shorter than 13 characters. It did work but only in case I change the inputs with remote.

  3. After changing the input names to some custom names (ensuring all custom names are 13 characters) if I change the inputs with elyrics app the custom names don’t appear properly at all. Sometimes even blank white rectangular boxes are shown (Font issue ???). This problem persists till I reboot the dac using the power switch.

  4. I was not able to restore the original input names using the ‘restore default’ button in the dac UI. That button does not work.

  5. Is the front panel UI unicode/multibyte enabled ? I have some songs where meta data (song name, artist etc.) is in non-latin characters (I used Bengali characters). Those meta data did not appear at all in the display though the album art did appear. I can see the meta data absolutely right in elyrics/itunes though. I used .aiff files. This may be an enhancement for long term though.

  6. Can the meta data in Front Panel UI be made to automatically scroll (right to left) for song names, artist, album names which are longer than the fixed length used currently ? This can be a very useful feature. Many streamer does support this today (Sonos, Pioneer Elite N30 etc.). This may be a bridge enhancement though.



I will look into these issues. They will be fixed in a future release.

The answer to number 5 is yes, but only Russian,and Japanese.

The answer to number 6 is no, there is not enough ram on the display board to do that.