DS DAC Display Issue

I’m the owner of several brand new PS Audio items (DirectStream DAC & Memory Player + NuWave Phono ).
I do have an issue with the dac’s display that turned blank after two months.
I’ve tried several restarts with no result.
Any suggestions please ?

Hi Michel_Roche,

Thanks for reaching out and so very sorry to hear that the display screen is giving you trouble.
My first suggestion would be to try this tutorial to re-calibrate the screen:

If you still have trouble please reach out to us at service@psaudio.com

We’ll need that unit’s serial number and will be able to get you taken care of.

  • Jeremy

Hi, I’ve just unsuccessfully tried to recalibrate the screen. After starting with the blue button down (according to your calibration process) the screen turns bright white, after a short while and a “click” turns grey. Unless I didn’t understand (I’m french) the exact signification of “numerical sequence” that I guess is touching each corner starting with the upper left, then upper right then down right and down left ?
Serial Number is : PWS-A1-8B119598
The Dac also has issues with the USB port shutting down after a few hours with a terrible “pink noise” frightening for my tweeters. (Source : Aurender N10, USB Cable : Esprit Eterna)

Hello Michael_Roche,

Thanks for trying the tutorial and thanks for providing that serial number.

You are doing everything as you should per the tutorial.
Clearly there is an issue with this DAC that requires service and we are very sorry for this.

My next suggestion would be to contact your French Distributor Alter Audio Video for service.
They can be reached at:


They’ll be happy to get you service for this issue.
If you have any trouble feel free to reach out to us directly at service@psaudio.com.
We answer all messages within 24 hours.

Thanks and again, apologies for this inconvenience.

  • Jeremy

Hello Jeremy,

Thanks for your reply.

FYI I already informed Alter Audio last monday about the issue encountered with my brand new dac.
Unfortunately they did not seem to consider my claim seriously so that I’ve had to remind them several times to get a response.
Thus my direct questioning to PS Audio, hoping for some solution…

It’s a pity to encounter such problems with such expensive high end devices.

I understand that I have to prepare myself to live without music for a very long while.



UGH!! This is not what we want to hear.
So sorry that service has been less than ideal.
We work closely with our distributors to effect service.
I’ve contacted the distributor and requested he follow up.

If you have any further trouble getting your DAC back up and running please let us know and we’ll make sure that it gets taken care of.

Thanks and again, apologies,

  • Jeremy

Dear Jeremy,

I ‘ve finally been asked to send back my DAC to Alter Audio (arrived June 13).

On Thursday 21 I was told by Alter that my DAC (PWS-A1-8B119598) has to be sent back to PS Audio and that I should get a new one …

I have got neither information about the cause of the malfunctions (white screen, USB input crashing suddenly, clicks to be heard while playing .DSF files…) nor about the delivery date of the new replacement one.

FYI it will be the third one within two months : the first one was replaced after a couple of weeks by the dealer (rumble), the second one had to be sent back directly to the distributor… What about the third one ?

It’s a pity because it needs a very long burn in time (ca. 300 hours) that i’ll have to do once again.

Well, either I am your most unlucky customer, or you do have quality issues… (and I own brand new DS player and Nu Wave phono that I’m beginning to look frightened at).

I know that I’ve made the right choice sonically (DS Dac is the poor man’s MSB) but probably the wrong one quality wise.

Please LMK if you can try to speed up things for the replacement.

Thanks and best regards.

Nope. I suspect not.

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Hello Michel_Roche,

Please accept our most sincere apologies for these issues.

I have requested an update from your distributor regarding this.
I should be hearing back in 24 hours and will update you right away.
If you needed anything in the interim please reach out to us directly at service@psaudio.com
Thanks in advance for your patience,

  • Jeremy

Hello Jeremy,

I haven’t received any update neither from you nor from Alter Audio. I’ve e-mailed them this morning asking for the time schedule of the planned exchange : the reply is : “I’ve no information for you”

Well , I remember reading a few days ago ( June 10th) a Paul McGowan’s post titled “The $17.20 customer service fiasco” where i had the pleasure to read in § 2 “…

They are said to have the greatest customer service in the world—a familiar premise since PS Audio prides itself on offering the same in our industry. A match made in heaven.

I’m just wondering if your international distributors have been made aware of this claim ? Obviously not.

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I would have thought the international distributors keep a spare parts inventory of modular replacement items in stock. It shouldn’t need PS Audio to send out a spare part for every field repair. When a locally stored part gets consumed then it gets replaced as per the normal distribution cycle.

Normally that is the case but they don’t care an entire inventory.

Jeremy was out sick yesterday. Apologies. He should be back today and I have asked our international sales manager to see what he can do. Sorry about any delay or frustration.

Hi Michel_Roche,

I have spoken to Alter Audio about your issues and requested he get in contact with you right away.
You should be hearing from him about a new unit very soon.
Let me know if you do not and I’ll follow up.
Thanks and take care,

  • Jeremy

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the info.

I knock on wood…

I have exactly the same issue (white screen) with my Directstream, in the same country (France) !
I’ve been in contact with James, from the PS Audio customer service, who was very kind and helpful. After making me run some tests, he asked me to contact the local distributor : Alter Audio. Since then, everything has been a mess : very difficult communication, and sometimes no answer at all. After weeks, l’ve been told to send them my Dac. Ok, it’s done, and now, I’m still waiting any news from them. Once again, they don’t react to my emails… I’m more than disappointed. Not so much by PS Audio (even if this screen issue seems to be more common than expected), but Alter Audio, the french distributor and local customer service is a real disappointment. I’m not sure when I’ll see my Directstream again…


Obviously the French distributor does not care about customers and ignores their problems. My DirectSteam (purchased May 4th 2018 ! white screen and crashing USB input) has been sent back to Alter Audio (at their request) 3 weeks ago (arrived in their facility June 13th).

8 days later they told me on the phone that I should soon get a new one and that they would return mine to the factory.

As of today and despite several calls or mails I haven’t got any information.

Jeremy from PSAudio unsuccessfully tried to help me with the issue .

It seems that “the best customer service in the industry” as pretended recently in one of Paul McGowan’s post may be true in the US only…

Can someone at PS Audio do something ??

Hi Jeremy,

No response from AlterAudio as of today. It seems that I’m not the only one with a faulty DS Dac, though…

Any solution please ?


Michel ROCHE


Let me see what I can do to help. This is not a good situation and I apologize Sebastian has not contacted you about this. We will try again. It is certainly not a matter of not caring.

We do care. A lot. It’s just that we can’t always control our distributors as they are independently run. But we will jump in and help.

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Thank you Paul. I’m in the same situation as Michel, still waiting for Alter Audio…
Jean-Francois Mariotti