Directstream Jr display

I noticed an asterisk in the upper right of the display. Also have noticed a upper case “E” as well. Can someone please explain or let me know where to look up the info.

The ‘*’ indicates that that input is connected / active.

Thanks for the quick reply. Any idea on the “E”?

I don’t remember what ‘E’ is. I looked around for the post(s) that have more details on the possible letters. Perhaps PS Audio engineering can give the exhaustive list. The manual has most of them listed but not all.

Thanks again for the help.

I found the post I was looking for, here’s a quote
"The * means Lock is detected on the input you are on.
The E means preEmphesis is detected.
The B means Bit perfect.
The M means Mute is enabled
The P means out out Phase
The R means Roon is streaming to the DAC


Perfect. I appreciate the knowledge.