DS Junior discontinued?


Indeed and thanks, Brodric. Most of our distributors do their best to make trades and acquisitions as painless as is possible.


Nope, no work on a new DS is happening right now.

Of course, no product lasts forever as technology marches on. So, someday, the DS will be replaced with a newer model but certainly not in the near future.


Nope, not at all.


As folks have mentioned, some distributors are already matching our programs, and for the rest we’re continuing to work with them to ensure all PS customers have a seamless upgrade path, regardless of region.

Anytime you’re looking to upgrade, contact me directly and I’ll do everything I can to ensure your distributors takes the best care of you possible. My email is scott.schroeder@psaudio.com


Will the new DS Jr be available without the Bridge similar to the DS?


It will likely maintain the Bridge inside.


Are Canadians able to be part of the trade-up program? I recall phoning in about upgrading to Sr from Jr and it seemed like only a US thing…


Thanks all for participation in this topic. I did not want to stir things up, only get info.

So Thanks for the info on continued support/updates and backing from Scott with trade-ins outside the US too.

Still satisfied with my DSJ and Snowmass :+1: , but maybe it is time to start saving for a trade-in or upgrade in the future… but soon the loudspeakers will come, AN-3 for me :blush:, so there will be even more savings :wink:

Best regards, Toby

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No worries, topics like this are A-okay in my books. We strive for transparency, and all the questions have been good.

Personally I’m penny-pinching for the AN-3s :wink:


Interesting, an upgraded DSJ. If the current DSJ is already 80-90% of the sound quality of the senior this gap will be reduced at least. Let’s hope PS Audio will keep the price in the same region as the current junior though.
I can imagine if the output stage upgrades with trafo’s and the bridge is next gen the junior could already outperform the senior. Hmm, that is probably hard to sell. But can you imagine how the DSJ would perform again competitive products? A few positive reviews in the German magazines and PSA would roll-up the market from Linn! Also from the looks I prefer the junior.


There seems to be a lot of love in the air for AN-3 despite nobody actually hearing it yet (maybe the PS operatives here have heard a prototype?).


I really don’t think Linn has anything to worry about from PS Audio. They mainly sell integrated systems and have a far more cohesive and broader range of products than PS Audio. They are 10 years ahead on streaming, a quarter of their sales are speakers and very good distribution. For a medium sized audio business (sales around $25million) you won’t find many better from a strategic, R&D and financial point of view.


I really do not understand PS Audio discussing future products online before they have even been designed or prototyped. Of the few brands I have an interest in, they keep quiet about product development and make a big splash at places like Munich, able to take orders and supply. I suppose Apple mastered the art of doing this and I think their decline is a result of their presumption that their customer base will continue to buy rehashed and overpriced products that are little better, if at all, than what preceded them.
I bought a 2018 MacBook Pro as it is a great device. I had iphone for years. My family now has 3 Huawei P20 and a Samsung. The Huawei are better and 25% cheaper than an iPhone, mainly a much better battery.


Everybody is entitled to its own opinion. But from my own experience I think Linn missed the boat already when it comes to being customer centric. They didn’t support DSD, MQA and a very long time Roon, telling their community that it all was no good. It made me sell my Akurate DS/1 and switch to the DSJ. Guess what: the DSJ sounded already better with Pikes Peak! And look at all the upgrades. PSA listens to their customers.
Even though this comment from Paul made me raise my eyebrows for a moment he did come with a solution one day later!

The Linn forum is off-line since October and quietly they allow DSD and Roon… Arrogance comes before the fall…


Linn do support DSD to some extent, but it is incompatible with their core space optimisation DSP technology. I live happily without DSD. Qobuz abandoned the idea of streaming it a few years ago and Tidal never considered it. I find it unnecessary.

MQA is a marketing ploy started by a competitor, Meridian.
Linn were very clear about their views on MQA, with which I agree entirely. The sooner it disappears the better.

The Linn forum has moved to HifiWigwam members club.

Plenty of superb products are not Roon integrated, like Auralic and Devialet. Roon was useless to me until recently as I listen mostly by Qobuz.

I am not critisizing PSA products, I moved from a Linn ADS to a PSA DAC. I’m just very impressed with Linn’s commercial and financial strategy. I don’t think that they have anything in common with PSA. On the other hand, Chord and PSA are very similar in some respects and probably compete dir3ctly on DACs and amplifiers.


If I read it correctly, you can trade in your DSJ for a new TSS. But no “new” DSJ.

The new DSJ is DS.


You should be able to trade-in anything on anything, if you’re in the US market.


I’m not aware of any brands in the UK who do trade-in, although some dealers will give a part-exchange. One reason why Linn and Naim are popular is because they hold their value so well. I bought my Linn ex-demo from a main dealer and got my money back 2 years later. That is much more likely to be the case for local rather than overseas manufacturers.


Paul treats his customers as family and friends. He enjoys discussing his projects, goals, plans, aspirations. He is excited and wants to share. My impression is PS Audio values the joy of creativity and sharing over making money.


The range of speakers and streamer seem to have been discussed for years and have not yet come to market. The streamer is suggested the end of the year. Many companies run forums for customer feedback, support and customer research purposes. I’ve not come across any that telegraph future products through their forum.