DS-Junior Starting On Its Own

Anyone else have this issue?
Over the past fews months I have found that my DS Junior has started up on its own. While there is a garage door opener at that end of the house, it’s opening and closing multiple times a day. So I figure not directly related to that system. Other remotes (TV/Apple TV are downstairs and they also are used regularly)
If there is a fix…great. If there isn’t but no concern about staying own (I am concerned that if we go away for a few days/weeks it could be on) OK

Thanks Folks

If you leave the Jr in standby, that is, if you only turn off via the PSA logo switch, then, even a very small power interruption will cause it to reboot, leaving it in “on” status. That happens to my PS gear too. Now, I do’n’t know what the DS Jr will perceive as a a power interruption….maybe just a sizable voltage drop may do it too. Just a possibility.


I never turn mine off. Either of them.


I only noticed this behavior when using the Bridge in the DS Jr, maybe a ping or something on the network was triggering it to wake up. Pretty much went away after I started using a separate streamer to the DSJ. You can try and unplug the Ethernet cable from the Bridge if your using and see if makes a difference.

I don’t use the Bridge nor do I have it connected (have a separate streamer), but the DSjr still turns on on me every now and then after so many years. Small annoyance no dealbreaker for me.

Thanks folks I’m glad that I’m not alone AND that it is not a big deal. calord…especially appreciate the reminder about using the power switch on the back. Flipping one device on and off is doable. I have a Bluesound Vault running into the DSJ.
Should have started here with my question…thanks.

I think if you have a USB or i2s cable plugged in that they may be able to wake it up under certain circumstances.
I also leave mine (Sr.) on all of the time unless out of town for a few days.

In my experience, the most common way for it to turn itself on is with a power blip or the Bridge taking it out of standby. It is no concern because all the standby does is mute the output with a relay. Other than that, the rest of the circuit is still on.

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The oddity for me is that in the couple of years that I had the DSJ prior to sending it in for a repair and then software update….no surprise turning on.
As an internal fyi as I don’t want to “dis you” all in front of the “gang"…I reached out first to Scott who was the lead on the repair and then update and heard back nothing….surprised.

While I have you: Thinking it would make sense to upgrade from a $10.00 power strip to something more robust/better. Considering just a better (Tripplite) plug or a conditioner strip of some sort or-saw the sale on Stellar and wondered about that Powerplant. I have yet to upgrade power cords.
It references for small to medium systems and I’m not sure where I am in that. Your thoughts appreciated

Revel 228 BE

2 REL S/3 SHO Subwoofers

PSA Stellar M700 Monoblocks

PSA BHK Preamp

PSA DirectStream Junior

Bluesound Vault 2 (Streamer/Dac)

Oppo BDP-103

MOFI Ultradeck with Hana SH cartridge

Little Fwend Lift

Rega MM phono preamp

Interconnects: Blue Jeans

Speaker Cable: 10 gauge Monster Cable

Thanks John Klaber

North Mankato, MN

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Awesome system John! I really love the M700s driving the 228 BE. The P3 would be a fantastic upgrade for you. I will be able to power the system excluding the RELs. Those guys would push it over the edge. Given the system, this is absolutely the upgrade path I’d recommend!

Mankato you say.
I am in Savage. My daughter went to Mankato State. We should meet up one of these days!

I’d keep an eye on that DS Junior. I’ve heard of cars doing the same. Lol



Thanks…I’d like that.


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