DS loss control

I have bought the DS for 2 years. works perfect~!
but these days I observed the DS screen occasional freeze (w/music still playing in normal).
And the volume was out of control, even pressing the stand-by button on front panel the unit give me shuttering noise and cannot bring the DS to stand-by.

The only thing I can do is to switch off the unit on the back and wait.
the machine may sometimes back to normal, but not always.

What is happening? In my country, the distributor only provide 1 year warranty and now expired.
I’m frustrated , I have tried all possible things I can do but still got no improvement.

(P.S. I did not have bridge card on my DS.)

The distributor can’t offer you an out-of-warranty repair? They just can’t ignore you because the warranty has expired.

I think they will provide paid service,
But I assume the DAC will not be such fragile.
Problem occur in just near 2 years of daily use.

That is 2 years more use than mine got before breaking. But first I would test that 1 year warranty. I can’t be sure about this, but I thought Angie Duran/PS Audio came to an understanding with all their International distributors that the product was to have the same 3 year warranty in all markets. This was discussed a long time ago here, I can’t recall what came of it.

In many International markets the price of PS Audio products is considerably more than US market. You are paying a premium. To get dumped with a 1 year warranty when other markets get 3, particularly when paying a price premium, well, that just sucks big time.

at my local distributor just provide 1 year… that’s suck.

I’m hesitant to believe that…

I just checked with out International Account Manager and all of our distributors match our 3 year warranty.

Could you let me know where you’re located so we can get your DSD fixed?


As I thought…this warranty discrepancy was dealt with many years ago.

I’m located at Hong Kong, hope the distributor can help check and fix the issue.

Really? Radar are fully aware it’s a 3 year warranty! They have no excuse for saying 1 year! They have been told this before by PS Audio when other HK customers complain. Yes, they have PS Audio repair capability.


Have you tried re-loading your firmware? I had a very strange issue with My DAC recently which initially made me think that I might need to send it in for service. But just to try something before going that rout I tired something that I have seen Ted recommend a few time when loading a new firmware. I loaded an older firmware, and then I re-loaded red-cloud. And magically, my problem was gone!

So its worth giving this process a try before sending it in for service.

Great, thanks for the information :grin:

Our International Account Manager is working on this now, you should hear back from Radar soon. We’ll have you back up and running in no time.

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