DS Senior screen unresponsive again

Unit was replaced already in first month. Now 1 year later screen is unresponsive again. Very unhappy. Any help from PSA tech support?

Was hoping for help from Tech support?

It is always best to contact service directly as there is no one of whom I am aware going through every post checking to see if there are questions.

The first DS you had also had a screen issue?

1-800-PSAUDIO - It’s right there at the top of the page, on every page when you are on these threads (at least on the Desktop)…

I am not trying to be rude, but the cloven-footed one is correct, start with customer service. It has been my observation that the PSA CS Department is very responsive. Furthermore, if you have any issues with service, you can always reach out to the CEO directly by PM via the forum. Paul is unusually responsive, in terms of how fast he generally responds to inquiries and the “get down into the weeds” level of involvement he consistently demonstrates.

Again, sorry for being a little snippy – for some reason your post made me realize that folks expecting their concerns expressed on these pages to be discovered and plucked from literally thousands of forum messages and dealt with in a matter of days if not hours “bothers” me. :slight_smile: (Not your problem, really though is it…?)

Good luck with the troubleshooting and fix. I hope you resolve it quickly.


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No, you are right. I will call. PSA is 100% legit company and I have no doubt that they will fix it. I believe it is under warranty but if not I would not be surprised if they fix it anyways. Although I am willing to pay. Anyways I don’t even use the display. The dimmer is on. I use my URC remote to control it. The only issue is if you upgrade the firmware. Then could not get past the screen calibration. I guess this is an issue with them not just me. I do not mind it is still IMO the best DAC under 30 grand. It is better than my Ayre(not Codex) and DAVE. That is IMO, YMMV.

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