DSD Constaint failures

I have had many PS Audio products fail suddenly without warming. P20 that takes out $400,000 of associated equipment instantly.

Luckily the DSD can(AFAIK) do no such type of harm. Mine have had all but two types of “issues”. 5 new in the box from dealer, 4 “replacements” from PS Audio In Boulder CO. Of which, those I had paid shipping one way each. Before I name my two “big issues” which are easily overcame in my instance anyhow. I want to ask everyone id “service” a 9TH. time seems fruitless since with this track record it is highly likely to occur again. That is my question here, “just live with it”?

Here are the two big “issues” at hand I continuously encounter. Reading through these forums I am aware others have experience both anomalies as well but we are still a minority.

.1:) after about 3 months of usage my “touch” screen on the “DSD” becomes completely nonresponsive. I cannot even touch it with a pencil eraser or PDA stylus. this is a big issue because if I ever am Required to “force load” a firmware. It shall take random hours of touching the screen to upright it again. Luckily this has only ever happened twice in 7 years of ownership. Luckily I can control 1005 of it with my URC remote. even with 2 way feedback(better). So I figured I might as well not even bother sending it in again? at this point, with windom I do not even care if the thing has a display. It sounds that good to me and so much as the sound works I do not wish to be without it agree/disagree?

2nd)theRCA jacks, pull off the back. TJ and MARK had said to crazyGlue them on. that makes for good sound. Ted? they still pulled off. I went one step further. I applied “black” thread lock compound" not going anywhere. although sound was lacking with $$$$ cables. I installed WBT Nextgen RCA connectors greatly improved. small “feature” you can DIY very easy. costly though. I got Au ones. so just darn screen. all I am really concerned is how it affects my next trade up value? If it is even under warranty anymore than there is no rush anyway. I will call Monday. just wondering if you folks would even bother again with this since I have a seemingly better workaround anyways? thsnk

I hear you @2chan4ever . I have griped on this forum about Quality Control before. I have had my share of failed hardware. My PS Audio gear is now limited to Power Products. My P5 has been flawless for seven years. The P12 I bought last September was returned for a loose cable that rendered the voltage regulation inoperable, and a Quintessence I bought used had been repaired for something (RMA on box). I’ve had several other component failures as well. All were repaired under warranty, and PS Audio staff were helpful and guided me through the return process. Two failures were infant death out of the box (a DSJ and a Power Plant Premier). A PWT developed a bad screen after I owned it for around two years. I’ve decided to use W4S gear for my audio equipment (DACs, amps, & preamps). Stuff is super reliable and I have never experienced a product failure (2 DACs, 1 integrated amp, 1 preamp, 1 multichannel amp, and a multi device power supply). It’s not as upgradeable as the PS Audio gear, but that’s a trade off I can live with. I really like my PSA Power Plants, but the most recent failure had me thinking about the quality control one more time. I would be far more likely to research other products before making another PS Audio equipment purchase. Don’t get me wrong, PSA is a good brand, but the company needs to get on top of this quality control problem. It’s a reputation thing that can seriously damage a brand. I think it’s far more important to make high quality reliable gear that functions as designed versus pushing the edges to build new product lines. For example, let’s get the Power Plant internet features back in service (which is a promised feature) versus making new music servers such as Octave. I’m OK with product development, but at the same time, I want to use features on my already purchased products.



I too have experienced QC issues with PSA gear but their excellent warranty and support always resolved the issues without any additional cost for me.

That’s a lot of problems. Seven years? DSD came out in 2014 I believe.