Trouble with DSD Junior DAC

I have what seems to be a malfunctioning DSD Junior DAC. It’s certainly beyond warrantee.

At first, I noticed that it would stop playing with a message that said “Unable to connect to renderer” or something like that. Then after restarting (power disconnect) I would hear a low-level buzz from one channel. Then it would play for a few minutes, then stop with the "Unable to connect to renderer) message on my iPhone using Mconnect. I tried cycling power to my entire system, and now I hear a much higher level buzz/hum from the same channel.

I’m checking in with the Forum here in advance of contacting PS Audio, since it’s Sunday. Assuming that this is a catastophic failure that isn’t covered by warrantee and of unknown repair cost, what are good options for a replacement (DSD Junior w/Bridge II)?

I was completely satisfied with sound quality and would want at least equivalent or better. My budget would be $5k or less for both streaming (Tidal and/or Qobuz).

Thank you and happy listening! (which I’m not able to do presently)

PS Audio are really great about out of warranty repairs. They just repaired my BHK Preamp out of warranty and the cost was very reasonable.

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Those type of messages would indicate that the problems may be with the Bridge II card mounted inside the Jr. Would come down to whether or not they have replacement parts in stock. If they don’t and you are comfortable with using Mconnect then I would look at the iFi Zen Stream with an upgraded PS and either a Holo Spring 3 KTE or the somewhat equivalent Denafrips model the Pontus 2. Either DAC option would get you in well under $5k.

Are you hardwired ethernet?

Have you made any recent changes to your network?

Hardwired Ethernet, yes. Recent changes, no.

I didn’t check this last night, but I now find that the hum in one channel affects all inputs, not just the Bridge II.

Check all connections.

Might not hurt to reflash the firmware. Doesn’t cost anything, but time.

I’ve been very happy with the ProJect combo (Pre Box S2 Digital and Stream Box S2 Ultra) in my “smaller” system (NAIM and ProAc). It’s significantly less expensive than what you are looking at spending. The caveats are: (1) the set up was finicky and time consuming; (2) the streamer sounds and works much better when connected to the router by Ethernet (like the Bridge II) even though there is a wifi option; (3) I use Roon rather than the ProJect software or MConnect; and (4) I wanted MQA capability for Tidal (no apologies).

But as others have suggested, your first stop should be the good folks at PS Audio.

I’d be curious if this noise goes away if you mute the DAC? If you’ve determined the noise isn’t being caused downstream of the DSJ, we’d be happy to check it out for you.

Do I need the remote, who knows where, to do the mute test?

Hi, Jamesh. I tried to find the remote to do the mute test, but cannot find it. One more thing, the left channel (only) hum is irrespective of the DS Junior volume control. Please advise, and thanks!

With that being the case, I’m guessing something is wrong with the unit. There shouldn’t be any hum in one channel. If you try turning the volume down to 0, that will essentially be as good as muting it.

What’s the return procedure, and remember I don’t have an original box. I could cobble something together but it won’t be “official”.

Chris Valle

You’ll want to either call in or shoot an email to our service box at We’ll then be able to issue an RMA. You won’t need to have the original boxes, just make sure it’s packed safely. We will always ship it back to you with new packaging which is great!

Thanks, pal. Will do.

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RESOLVED! FYI, I took the advice someone offered (thank you netspecht-2!) to reflash the firmware and it worked, no more hum! I’m curious how that would have worked, perhaps The All Powerful Ted can explain it, but I’m pleased I’m back to full functionality without shipping the unit in for diagnostics and repair. The silver lining is that I had no streaming capability for the past week, so dug out some Mosaic CD collections that were hiding in a box and enjoy them once again.

Happy Listening!


The SD could be corrupted, and/or the firmware being reflashed reorganized the firmware on the disk. I’d be interested if others can weigh in with the why……

Glad it worked out. I used to have to frequently reflash my CF cards on my two Bryston BDP-1 media transports. Good fortune is the replacement BDP-2 are more stable.