DS, ROON & PS Audio Remote Functionality Issue w Bridge II update

I am wondering if it is possible for the PS Audio remotes to be allowed to manage simple ROON commands when played through Bridge II, e.g. play/pause or next/last track in the queue?

That would be a major convenience!

That already works though backward and forward are reversed so for playing the next track you must press ‘backward’.


Hans said

I am wondering if it is possible for the PS Audio remotes to be allowed to manage simple ROON commands when played through Bridge II, e.g. play/pause or next/last track in the queue?

That would be a major convenience!

It already does (well at least my one does) happy-132_gif

I think i stumbled on the forward/backward functionality but it didn’t seem to work well and i guess that is because the buttons are reversed.

Is Play/Pause working? It is certainly not on my remote (P3 remote).

@Ted- can a firmware upgrade get the forward / backward buttons working right and add play/pause functionality?

pause/unpause Roon stream via DS remote works fine here.

i had issues with skipping forward/backward with remote but i read here that the buttons are swapped - have to try this yet :slight_smile:

I believe remote functions would be in Dennis’s bailiwick rather than Ted’s as Dennis is responsible for the PIC coding.

forward/backwardvia the remote are not supported via the bridgeII.


I can confirm I am able to move forward and back in a ROON queue using either of two PS Audio remotes but the direction is reversed. To go forward, one needs to press the back button. Would be great if this can be fixed.

I am unable to pause/play Roon from either remote.

ROON has an Ethernet connection to a Bridge II in a DSjr.

It looks like this might be a bridge issue, so if it is I will see if they can get it fixed before the MQA release.


Many thanks Dennis! I think many of us would be very grateful if the pause/play button could be activated too!!! party_gifThanks

The play/pause button does work. But it might not in the version of bridge code currently available, but it definitly does in the MQA release.

Has the DSjr (DSSr.?) remote functionality bug been addressed in the latest Bridge II MQA update? Specifically, will the the forward button now advance the Roon track, the back button play the last track played, and the pause/play button work?

I am a Roon/BridgeII/DSJr guy so don’t need the MQA update, unless there is improved remote functionality!

That would be a wonderful addition, but so far i have found no mention.

The bug in the remote is still there. Specifically:

  1. The Forward button plays the last track played (or restarts current track).

  2. The Back button advances the play queue forward one track.

  3. The Pause/Play button does not function.

Who would be the right person to bring this to their attention? Dennis had recognized the issues and thought it to be addressed with the Bridge II upgrade. Unfortunately, the recent update didn’t address this functionality bug.

Would any one have line of sight on the next Bridge II upgrade and if this is being addressed?

(DS Jr, Huron, Bridge 3.3.3 — Using P3 black remote, but also same issue with DS Jr remote)

Let me ask Matt, our director of engineering.

Changing tracks using Roon I can confirm on Huron 3.3.3 via bridge on DSJr that using the remote works (not as easily as changing volume for some reason) but pause/play does not.

Also, if the DSJr has gone to sleep and screen timed out, I cannot change inputs until I change the volume first using the remote. This seems to wake it up. However if I press the input button on the device, this is not a problem.

Hi all,

I’m adding the items listed here onto our to do list as investigation and action items for the next firmware update. As soon as we have fixes available we will release an updated version.


Thank you, Matt

And welcome!

I have occasionally noticed that I am unable to pause music in Roon or dim the screen some of the time since the update. I have to shut the DirectStream DAC completely off via the back panel switch and restart it to regain functionality. Anyone else seeing this?

I haven’t tried to duplicate your (jaiello) issue, but i think good to mention any and all related issues so that as Matt works on a fix, he is getting feedback on the range of problems experienced.

Welcome Matt!

Thanks Hans.

Matt I seem to lose the ability to pause and stop the Roon service via the remote on my DS Sr. after I have been paying music in the “play all” mode on my DAC through Roon. I am in the process of breaking in a new pair of headphones so I set Roon to play all so the music would play continuously during break in. Just now when I tried to pause the music using the remote as I always do the functionality did not work. If I turn the DAC off at the rear power switch and turn it back on I can restore functionality. I am sure that this was not the case before the recent updates.