My DSD screen keeps coming up inverted! Help please

I’ve tried rebooting (holding down the blue button) several times without success.

Any ideas?

Good grief! I think there are 1 or 2 other reports of the same thing experienced by other users. I can’t recall what the solution was, but have a dig around with the forum search function and you might find what you’re looking for. I’m sure @Elk will be able to point at it in a flash.

This has happened to me several times in the month I’ve had this machine and doing the full reboot has fixed it. It usually takes more than one reboot however, but this time I’ve been rebooting like crazy and the screen is still inverted.

Obviously, this shouldn’t be happening. Have you approached your dealer about this? If it’s only a month old they might just swap it for another one and you’re good and ready to go.

It’s purchased direct from PSA.

I’ve returned 4 different pieces of gear to PSA in the past 2 months and really, really don’t want to have to go through that process again with the burn-in and system downtime that entails.

I sympathize with you. I’m also having “one of those days”, but in a different way. My clothes washing machine is barking at me, saying it’s now finished doing what it does and it’s time to hang the clothes on the clothes line to dry. I open the washing machine lid and find there are no clothes there. I forgot to put the dirty clothes in the washing machine. This of course is blamed on the distraction of glorious music, listening to my new CD. It’s now too late in the day to repeat the wash and get the clothes on the line and dry before sun set.


So it took about 15 full reboot attempts, including unplugging the DAC, but the screen has now righted itself.

Makes me now dread the possibility this will happen again maybe next time requiring 30 reboots!

You really should have a chat (if you have not already) with Jeremy, Kevin and maybe even further up the line regarding resolution imho. 4 pieces of gear in a couple months and now a screen issue is exceptional to say the least. Especially when many (myself included) never have one issue and own multiple pieces as well. I feel your pain. I have gone through similar issues but with two other manufacturers.(which I no longer own)

Another forum member post a few months ago, (from memory) academic research findings that some people consistently end up with lemons i.e. get one, you end up with lots. Whereas others who don’t, never do. Apparently mathematical statistics support the finding.

The following thread link is PSA’s response to the problem I was having.

My beef is that if the screen comes up inverted regularly when the machine is powered on (as is my experience) and requires a screen recalibration to be done 15 or so times to correct it then this issue should obviously be addressed in a firmware update which permanently puts the problem to rest.

Can you reach out to us on Monday? Jeremy or Matt should be able to get you fixed up. This isn’t acceptable and we need to make this easy for you.

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I’m just happy I have been very lucky/fortunate. Cars especially. In audio my only battles were with Primaluna and Peachtree. However to your point, I bet there are a lot of happy owners with both.

Just a thought … from your response you turn the unit off after use. Does “turn off” mean using the switch on the back of the unit? If so, I would not do that, rather just use the “Off” button on the remote which is really “standby”. Then see what happens. Also, is there an SD card in the DSJr? If there is, does it have firmware on the card? While it’s not supposed to happen, if there is firmware on the card it could be reloading each time the unit is power cycled and could be scrambling something in the process. I’m sure PS Audio can straighten this out, but there seems to be some sort of wild card in the failure process that they haven’t been able to identify. I’m sure it’s frustrating being the dealer of that wild card several times!

I always have the DS in standby when not in use. I only power off the rear switch when moving gear, re-cabling, etc., or when the machine goes on the fritz.

Mine did this and then ultimately no screen at all. Not dimmer. They will have it tomorrow, I am guessing they are driving it with vga over usb and that often has issues if that is the case. Just guessing.