DS Tech support question, broken RCA-send in or not, all can answer

DS Senior. Screen is irresponsive for the 6th time. tired of sending it in for that because they cannot seem to fix it.

Now the center outside gold “sleeve” pulled of an RCA. I put it back on. I cannot seem to pull it off again. It works. Can I probably leave this be or maybe trouble down the road? While still under warranty. I hate to be without it because that means no stereo in our bedroom. Thank you

Did you try re-calibrating the screen?

Yes to no avail. comes upside down. Takes several hours of fiddling to get it right-side-up again.

I am more concerned right now if RCA may loose contact down the road. However it is back on there darn good. I think it may screw on and simply unscrewed. Not sure. I do not remember exactly how I got it back on as I was panicked when it occurred. Locking RCA cable may have unscrewed it if it indeed does screw on.

Yes the outer sleeve can screw on and off with some brands so if you turn it clockwise and it is tight you should be good. I had a couple get loose to almost coming off on a Music Reference amp that I had to screw back on.

According to Paul, they got a bad run of these RCA jacks at one point in time. I am not sure of the age of your DS Sr., but mine was plagued with these RCA jacks. One of mine pulled off in the same way. There is nothing to worry about as long as it is securely affixed which it sounds like it is.

As wonky as it may sound, the solution is a bit of super glue along the rim (ONLY) of the sleeve and press back on firmly. That is of course if it is to ever come back off. It is is secure now, you are getting sufficient contact and it will not affect SQ. I pressed it back on a few time before finally dabbing a bit of super glue on the end of the sleeve. Paul has posted a couple time about implementing this fix using super glue, so it is PSA endorsed.

But if it cannot be pull it off, then that is a great thing! No need to worry, just enjoy the music.

This is excellent news! Thank you. Problem resolved.

If only I could fix the screen now. PS Audio themselves do not seem able to do so. I have mostly given up on it.

If they can’t fix it they should exchange it.

Yes, and PSA has offered to replace the jacks. However, I did not want to send my in and did the glue fix instead.

Right but I’m talking about @2chan4ever screen not working. If PS Audio can’t fix it they should just give him a replacement DAC that works.

For sure!

They have already replaced the unit. Obviously this is an issue. I do not mind use remote.

So the other RCA came off. I guess I got one of the bad ones. It is about a year old though.

If this happens use Loctite “black” thread locker on it. It takes a few hours to dry but it is considerably stronger than super glue. mine is fixed fine. Other than the screen of course. It does not really bother me though.

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