DS to MK2 changeover question

I see MK2 beta testing well is under way. A question from a current DS owner:

My setup is very simple: NUC (running Roon Rock) → ethernet → switch (connected to router) → ethernet → Bridge II → DS. I run Roon via Windows 11 laptop, two phones.

With “Bridge II → DS” disappearing when MK2 comes along, what exactly do I need to purchase along with the MK2?

I’d like to use MK2’s I2S input AND maintain ethernet feed (as switch is in my basement).

Do I just need a streamer and an I2S cable? I want to keep it as simple as I had it before. It’s almost like I just need to replace the Bridge II, no?

Suggestion of products would be nice. I’m sure I’m not the only DS owner wondering this.

Thanks in advance, Dave

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PSA’s plans for a direct, upgraded replacement of the Bridge II Ethernet card is called the AirLens,

Tons of info in the threads here for you to learn more…search engine is your friend.


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Great. Will check it out. I’ve heard it referenced

Thanks, Dave

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Hi, there’s a smallish range of I2S via hdmi network transporters out there right now. The AirLens will be the natural complement to the DS2, for a streamer, and hopefully will be released either with, or very shortly after the DS2.

Some other i2s via hdmi network transporters out there include the:

Thanks for info. Will definitely check them out

Thanks again, Dave

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If you’re running Roon another option is the iFi Neo Stream which is I2S compatible with the DS II.

Thanks for iFi option. I’m leaning (so far) towards an all-PS Audio setup via an Airlens-MKII combo.