DSD Dac has too many inputs

HI reaching out to the group - on my DSD dac over the years and thru many upgrades i have managed to carry and add to a number of inputs to select from - can’t see in the manual or thru a search of this site how to delete these inputs - while they are a nice reminder of previous players seems that in covid lockdown (australian state lockdown v3) these type of things are buggin me :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:

no skin in this game, as i don’t have a DSD, but is this what you’re looking for?

Looks like you can rename or restore to default. Nothing about “deleting” tho.


Thanks @terzinator! This should do the trick. Sadly there isn’t a way to restore the defaults, but you should be able to go through the inputs and name them something more generic, ie COAX, XLR…

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yep in a weird about way it worked - had around 4 coax inputs from previous players and pre DSD kit and it seems every time i restored the defaults it rolled into the original Coax so in a way it deleted them and now only have all the inputs available which i can live with