DSD DAC playback not gapless with Snowmass Bridge 2 Update ISSUE

Ever since I updated to Snowmass when I play DSD files (ISO,DFF, etc) there is a pause about 4 seconds before the track changes. It happens at the end of EVERY track, whether I’m playing an entire album or shuffling. This is with JRiver.
I have-
Tried different versions of JRiver (24, 23, 21) on both my MAC and my PC.
I have re-updated the DSD DAC several time t0 Snow2
I have downgraded the DAC to torry
I have re-updated to Snow2
I have upgraded to Bridge 2 firmware
I have reverted to past B2 firmware
I have re-updated B2 firmware back to the latest
I have been thru all the JRiver settings for the last few days, restarting JRiver after each new trial
NOTHING is fixing this!!! It’s like not having gapless when playing SACD’s.
No issues when I play thru USB
No issues when I use ROON


Hi woot,
I noticed the same by playing a 24 bit /192kHz album.
Using Kazoo/Asset combo.

I reported the similar in Bridge II updates topic as well, which happened after I updated to Snowmass V2 with Bridge II 3.6.17.

DSD (ISO file) streaming via jRver to bridge II playback is not gapless;
There is a pause one Second before the end of each track (NOT some albums, it’s every album I tested, including non classical).

Roll back to Bridge II 3.5.1, the gapless is back and no pause before track ending, but seems to be more clicks and pops than 3/6/17

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So this is a bridge issue then as I don’t have an issue going usb from laptop to DS and I play a ton of DSD. Dang I feel for you bridge users. But I can’t believe this is the first I’ve heard of it

THANK YOU!!! I had rolled back the B2 firmware to 3.5.18… However the key was to roll it back to 3.5.1instead. Thank you- now I can start to try to plug all my hair back into my scalp that I’ve pulled out the last few days!

Hi Woot, good to have the hair plugged back :rofl:

Though I do feel 3.5.1 is not as good as 3.6.17 of SQ, probably it’s just my placebo :sweat: more pops and clicks also quite obvious than 3.6.17

I very seldom have any noise issues thankfully. Happy Holidays!

@timm I do like the B2. I rarely have any issues with it. B1 was a different story tho!