DSD does not recognize Bridge 2

today I aquired a DSD to replace my PWD MKII. Unfortunately the DSD does not recognize the bridge 2, which was operating perfectly in the PWD. The given Update-Procedure does not help, as it assumes that the bridge is being recognized.

So what do I have to do, to get the bridge running on the DSD?

Just realized that my bridge 2 has no USB-port, whereas most of the pictures do have it. Can you please tell me the difference between these versions?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, as I am really excited to step into a new audio-sphere.

Best regards

The old style had USB port. The newer one doesn’t. I would pull it, inspect the pins and maybe clean them with deoxit or alcohol and reinsert. Is the software the latest?

Thank you very much for the quick feedback.:+1:
After installing Windom, everything is working as expected and the sound is just amazing.
Happy to be your customer😀