DSD no more song

I have a Direct Stream DSD1. Everything seems to have started 6 months ago. Impossible to leave the volume at 100…in the middle of the song the volume drops to 50. Nothing to do. I blocked the volume at 92 and everything was fine for six months.
here is that now I play a song , and if I change the song more sound. I close the ps and turn on again, it’s ok until the song ends, no matter how long the song is. As soon as it changes tracks… no more sound. Has anyone come across this problem

I think the problem comes from a key jitter bug from audioquest. I removed the Jetter Bug and everything seems to be restored. About six months that I have this key…same period that the trouble started


The problem came back. The volume drops by itself to 50.
I removed the bridge and everything seems to be fine.
The sound also seems better….
Did you notice?

Has anyone removed the bridge and noticed a difference? There seems to be more than 3D

Il y a plus personne sur ce forum ?

Quite a few people have said removing the Bridge from the Directstream MKI results in improved sound and so you are not alone with that observation.

Had a Directstream MKI for about 7 years (and 2 of them for a few years) and never came across the volume dropping issue you have experienced.

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Did you contact PSA? That’s always a good thing to do. They should be able to give you first hand advice and may know things we don’t.

Having said that, the problem might be dirty contacts on the bridge card or the mk1 bridge slot. You already removed the card, so you can easily check the connection surfaces looking all bright and shiny, or not.

Bonne chance!