DSD random volume drops

Started having an issue in the last couple to days with the DSD randomly dropping volume down to 50 on its own. Sitting here listening and the volume just dropped down to 50 three times in the space of five minutes. Did it last night several times too. Rather annoying. I tried restarting the unit but didn’t help.

I’m on Windom firmware 4.0.1. The Bridge is still in the unit but there is no cable connected. I use the Matrix primarily. I did add Etherregen a couple of weeks ago, but this issue only appeared a couple of days ago. Could it be that? I’ve had the dac exactly two years.

I’d appreciate any thoughts or suggestions. Cheers!

I would start with installing different firmware and see if this makes a difference. It is possible the firmware is corrupt in your unit. If this does not remedy the problem I would contact PS Audio.

It could also happen if using i2s and some other device is supplying 5v to the DSD. Also try power cycling the DSD with the rear panel switch.


I’m not terribly sure what causes this, but I have heard this happening to a few people. An easy work around is to go into the DAC’s settings and lock the volume where you want it. Like Baldy mentioned, weird things can happen feeding the DAC through the I2S connection. Specially with other manufactures sources. There are so many possibly configs for the I2S lay out, and can cause weird things to happen. To test, I’d try unplugging all of the inputs and see if it happens.

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Excellent thinking.

Yes, excellent thinking indeed! Thanks @Baldy and @jamesh. Should have thought about power cycling. I have done it and all seems to be stable for now.

As a data point, this, too started happening to me. I haven’t dug in, just locked the volume since I don’t use the DSD as a volume control.

However, I am concerned that it’s some kind of hardware fault. My Bridge 2 has been having trouble playing over the network, too, so I’ve been using my Oppo over I2S as a Room endpoint.

Weird that it just started happening. I’ve haven’t heard any HW issues linked with this, so that’s good. This really only became a thing with Windom. If you were to load a different FW, I’m almost certain it wouldn’t happen. I would try unplugging all of the inputs and see if this stops it.

Another data point:

I suspect it’s bridge firmware, but I have no real info.

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I think you are right. I had some problems with the volume jumping to 50%. I found two ways to fix it. Remove the Bridge II card or lock the volume at 100…

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Thanks Ted! I hadn’t heard it happening on the MK II. If I were a betting man, I’d blame Bridge code. I’ll forward this to Barry so he can look into it.

I will unlock my volume and see if still happens. If so, I’m going to remove the Bridge to see what @speed-racer did resolves it for me.

Well, that didn’t take long. Now, out goes the BII…

It took 10 minutes for the volume to reset with the BII in, and has not yet happened with it out. Given I was also having network streaming issues to the BII before, I want to say my BII is the culprit. Time to call it in.

The Bridge II is a nightmare…

Mine does too - the only answer you get from Paul is unplug the i2s. Good service - poorly made DAC

  • The DAC is a nightmare…

The DSD is fine…in fact, I think it is really great. I like @tedsmith’s stuff!!

May you live long and happy with your DS…

I’ll drop the bridge back in just to make sure, but the DAC hasn’t reset to 50 since I removed the bridge.

No doubt about it. I just dropped the bridge back in a few minutes ago and volume reset to 50 just now.