DSD Pike to Redcloud skipping Huron?

Hi there, Header says it: currently using Pike P on my DSD Dac, I waited with Huron and now enter Redcloud. Can I just upload the newest version software on an SD and load it - or need I first to go to Huron?

Oh, and my forum name changed for some reason, whereas I can still log in with my proper name? Darn, how to get my name back?

Yes, just load Redcloud files to an SD card and away you go… Elk will in all likelihood sort out the name change for you …

Dank je wel, Dirk! Or perhaps: Thank you Dirk! Anyway, hope the Redcloud surprizes me.

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Let me know if the name is OK now, and sorry about the unintended change in identity.

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Elk, Hey I got my name back!! Thank you Elk, that was unexpectedly and very quickly solved, thanx again.

You are very welcome.

I believe I’ve read that Ted suggests powering off after Redcloud load is complete, probably best for any release to ensure ‘no old bits are left behind’.

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