Redcloud for DirectStream Junior is live

Redcloud for DirectStream Junior’s now live. It sounds a LOT better and the sometimes bothersome background noise some have heard is gone.

Go to the downloads page and download the zip file. Unzip the file, and remove all the individual files (there are 4) onto a USB stick. Make sure the USB stick is clean, formatted as FAT 32. Then follow normal instructions located here.

Once the upgrade process finishes be sure and go to the menu and scroll to the version window (last in the menu) and make sure it says Redcloud. For some reason we’ve had issues with units appearing to load but when you check nothing’s updated. If it still says Huron then it did not load.

If this happens you have a couple of options. Call us for help. Order a preformatted USB stick. Downgrade to Yale (see below) and then upgrade to Redcloud, or, try reformatting your USB stick. In some cases USB sticks that are formatted as FAT 32 work after being reformatted as FAT 32 (we don’t yet know why).

If you need help reformatting your USB stick we have a prepared a How To for you here.

If that doesn’t work, try downgrading to Yale then upgrade to Redcloud. Download Yale here. Our engineering director’s trying to figure out a way to make this foolproof so apologies to those who do have trouble. We’ll get it more foolproof soon.

If everything goes well, and it should, your version screen will display Redcloud and you’re good to go.

Have fun.

Mine says Huron 3.4.5. I remember it being 3.3.3

Thank you Paul for getting this released today. Gives me something to do this weekend.

For others that may be having problems, I did have problems loading it and it did not load the first time. I had to revert back to Yale by loading it. After that, when I loaded Redcloud, it worked.

Now on to listening!

I have a DSJr. and am unable to update the firmware. Used the same method when going to Huron and loading Torreys etc but the unit does not recognize that the USB stick plugged in upon startup. Perhaps the loader or something is not quite right? This is the same USB I use and format the stick each time and nothing else is on the stick. Puzzling.

I will try to downgrade to Yale and then up to Redcloud as above.

Bridge II update on the unit was flawless. Long press, self restart and away I go.

I’m thrilled and appreciative to see this come out. But I’m having a heck of a time even getting my DSJ to see the drive. I’ve got multiple other devices that see it just fine. Linux and Win10. They all see the files, they see it as FAT32. But the DSJ just boots normally after being booted with the drive in the USB slot.

Will keep tinkering…

Oh, did follow the reformat instructions too. No change in behavior from DSJ.

I was waiting for the official topic post. First of all, THANK YOU to Paul and crew for getting the DSJ update out today. I had been enjoying the BridgeII update earlier today and now Redcloud. Reminds me of Christmas as a child. Too many presents all at once.

I tried upgrading by following the published steps but nothing happened. My DSJ ignored the USB stick with Redcloud on it. It just booted up to Huron.

I then tried the old “downgrade to Yale, then upgrade” and it worked. Listening to Redcloud now.

Downgrading to Yale, then upgrading to RedCloud went without a hitch. :slight_smile:


Installed Yale and then Redcloud was installed successfully thereafter.

Thinking back, I think I had to do this when installing Huron as well. An extra step but it’s up and running.


Thanks, Sevilla. This may work. If your load doesn’t work, try downgrading to Yale then upgrade to Redcloud. Download Yale here.

Sorry. Let us know. Matt’s working on a way to make it easier.

You will notice once you’re in Redcloud and of the “swirly” noises you might have heard in the background are gone and the music’s glorious!

msommers said

…Thinking back, I think I had to do this when installing Huron as well…

Good observation, and the same thing is true here for me. So… for those of you out there that had to do the same thing for Huron, you know what to do.

Sorry Paul… you said the same thing just before I posted. Lots of ninja posting at the same time!

All’s well that ends well. Listening time…

Paul, I had no issues, but my brother did. Is there a reason for not making these a Force?

Thanks, Mark. Yes, I forgot in my haste. Now it’s a unit specific force load with a 9998 code after uploading new code. Should end the problems. Thanks for the reminder.

Thanks Paul - but I don’t know what that means… “Now it’s a unit specific force load with a 9998 code after uploading new code.” Do you mean you have replaced the Jr. FW file with a Force load?

I can’t get it to work. Can’t even get Yale on there. Stuck on Huron 3.4.5 now. Where do I get order the preformatted stick.

Tried initially with the same (reformatted) usb drive I’d used for the Torreys > Huron upgrade, making sure the usb was properly ejected etc - but booted into Huron with no load.

Reformatted the usb, loaded Yale, and then subsequently loaded Redcloud without issue.

Now to some listening. Thanks PS Audio!

Good morning (it is early here in Sweden, 07.23, Saturday). Yes, Redcloud and DSJ is up and running on my system, no problem (I had to download Yale first though). Well, this is a BIG listening weekend for all of us PS Audio users, fantastic :slight_smile: looking forward to it.

Many thanks to Ted, Paul and the rest of the crew!

I successfully installed Redcloud and had a good listening session tonight with my favorite CDs. My first impressions are just that … first impressions. The differences in my system between Redcloud and Huron are subtle, but I perceive that Redcloud has more energy, sounds a tad louder and more forward, more textured, rounder tones, fatter bite on trumpets, and slightly thicker sounding (fuller bodied); whereas Huron in my system sounds slightly thinner, more delicate and more holographic. I need to do more listening comparisons to reach any firm conclusion. Both Redcloud and Huron sound fantastic and visceral in my system. Redcloud is more lively and engaging; Huron a little sweeter and possibly less fatiguing. But it’s early, and my opinion may change with subsequent listening. What a wonderful DAC system to be able to go with either sound!

Good News:

  • got red cloud installed. Had to down grade to Yale first though
  • mqa streamed from tidal works via roon. However see bad news
Bad News
  • MQA streaming from tidal does not show bits properly. When streaming 192khz 24bit mqa via Roon the the dsj screen shows the bit depth but it flickers from 16bits to 24. Roon shows 192k 24bit. Album played was Eagles Hotel California. Also when streaming via mcontrolHD it shows 192k 24bit in mcontrolHD but the display on dsj shows 192k 16bit. I know before the update this was displaying fine when playing MQA via mcontrolHD.
  • Playing Shelby Lynne “Just a little Lovin” dsd64 I am know getting little faint clicks/crackles in some quite parts of some of the songs and at the change of a tracks of some songs.

The DS displays how many bits are changing from zero - if the bottom 8 bits are all zeros for a period of time the DS will report that it’s seeing 16 bit samples (some other sample widths could also show up, e.g. 18, 20…)