DSD256 and how it's being played

Hi @Paul Is Gus still involved now that Octave have switched from Sonoma to Merging Pyramix ?

I did listening experiments and found DSD256 to sound best of the formats my Bryston BDA3 will play. Through JRiver MC28, external HD, Win11 Intel CoreI5 HP Compact Desktop, the BDA3 plays all DSD formats it is capable in Native without DoP conversion. I connect through Transparent Premium USB.

As for buying, I have a subscription to NativeDSD plus. For the annual fee, Download prices are discounted and will include lower rate DSD versions. This allows me to download the DSD128 versions for my PS Audio NuWave DAC in the bedroom.

I am seeking the best sounding digital music (regarding format and recording) to download these days. To my ears the modern well recorded DSD recordings sound best. I haven’t seen better from other Download retailers. So, that would be a “yes” to interest in DSD256.



I am definitely interested in DSD256 especially those that are recorded at the sander bitrate. I have quite a few albums so far. I download them from various services (NativeDSD, Channel Classics, Eudora, NativeDSD etc) and play them through a Lumin T2 over Roon.