DSJ meaning of *,M,L


I have a DSJ and once it powers on, I see a asterix on the screen and and M but I do not hear any sound.
As soon as I change the volume on the DSJ, the M switches to L and then it works.
Any idea what * or M, L means or if I can in the settings chose L as the standard mode on startup?


Hi, what input are you using and what are you feeding the DSJ with? I believe the * indicates the unit is receiving a signal from whatever input you’re using.

The M indicates mute. L indicates that the DAC is in low range, i.e. that the 20dB attenuator is engaged. And as efete said the * indicates input signal present. A B would indicate that the bit perfect test signal is recognized. I think a P would indicate that a preemphasis signal is present.

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Or inverted phase maybe?

Yes there are letters both for Polarity and for Preemphasis, I forget which letters they are.

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Hi, I have set the source to Bridge.

ok great. Thanks a lot Ted. Makes sense then that there is no sound for M…:slight_smile:
Sorry for the stupid questions but I could not really find it in the manual.
Does it mean that the DSJ is per default Always on mute when powering on?

I don’t know if they changed the software to mute on power up or not, they were trying to protect those who forget to disconnect the DS from their amps during an upgrade. Is there a chance that you have a USB stick still in the back of the unit that has a release of the DS software on it? Is so, it might be that you are accidentally reloading software on each boot. But it also might be that the software was changed to mute on each power up.