Icons in DS Mk2

In the screenshot below, the leftmost icon indicates that wi-fi is not connected. Does anyone know what the other two are? (Sorry for the fuzzy picture.) The center one looks essentially like a rectangle, while the right one looks sort of like a speaker icon.

Great questions. Wish the manual was clear on all the available displays. I’m trying to determine if the mkii shows a DoP input v DSD64. In other words, how do you know if the upstream server/streamer is converting to DoP or not by looking at the mkii display? I think I’m sending DoP but am not sure since the display shows DSD64.

Edit: I’m wondering if the display only shows the rate and not the input like the mki did. I’m really now just digging in with Dsd since the massive release on my mkii.

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That is interesting. My PST to MK2 only has wifi display, nothing else. But the right side does show I2S connection on the screen.

The de-emphasis has an icon in that area of the screen when it is enabled. I cannot tell from your photo as it is not focused enough.


Good post. I mentioned about this small display and the “unknown” small icons in another thread a couple of weeks ago but little or no interest. Maybe this thread will now get some answers.
There is nothing in the current manual regarding display icons.
Surely it cannot be that difficult to show a photo of all the top row small icons and their meaning in the manual, together with the respective icon next to a description in the text.


I looked closely at my display and adjusted settings to get what you have pictured. No wifi , fixed volume, preemphasis. These are the icons you have displayed. If you have pre emphasis active and you are not playing a source disk of file tha requires it you are rolling off the high end by 10 db!


Thanks for taking the time to do this! After I did the upgrade to Massive Mtn. a couple of days ago, I checked my settings; both preemphasis and fixed volume were off. So I’m not sure what is going on here. I just plugged in a different streamer, which does not want to connect – that’s what prompted me to look closely at my screen. (Normally I sit far enough away that I can’t see the icons.)

If you see those indicators and you do not have pre emphasis on and Volume fixed I would suggest going to those options and turning them on and off to see if the display changes. If that does not fix the issue try turning off the back panel switch wait 30 seconds and turn it on. Hopefully one of these operations would correct the issue.

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For reference, I have fixed volume on and neither of those two icons at lit.

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On my mk 2 i see a lock icon when fixed is set.


Yes, you’re correct! I see the lock icon as well. Guess I should have known what that meant but didn’t actually. Again, would be nice to have a list in the manual.

On a slightly different note, I’m surprised that the wonderful “firmware menu for Directstream DAC mark 2” document put together by forum member David Perry hasn’t been incorporated in the manual. Mr Perry gave permission if I recall correctly.

Edit: Re-read the manual. The manual does clearly state, “When Fixed Volume is enabled, a Lock icon appears on the icon bar at the top of the screen.” Just wanted to make sure my general complaint about the lack of screen icons clarity is fair and accurate.

I just tested on a MKII here and the icon in question is representing the balance control. You either have it set right or left. Not at 0.


Hi James,

Thanks for testing! It turns out that when you use the DAC balance control, two icons (not one) appear on the screen. There’s the rectangle shaped one, and then the speaker-shaped one that appears either to the left or right of the rectangle depending on which way the balance is set. I never meant to use the DAC balance – must have set it somehow by accident – but the two simultaneous icons are kind of strange.

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