DSJ roon ready?

This is fine. This refers to the Conversdigital CDMCM-210 module on which the Bridge II in the DSJ is based.

Use the MConnect app and see if there is a Bridge update. It does very much sound like it’s not updated to the latest version.

Not sure if you allready tried this.
I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago. After a reboot of the Roon server I have not seen it again.

A lessons learned blog tied to each manual could go a long way…
Just sayin’.

If you, or anyone else, would like to compile such a list I will happily find a home for it.

Yes, actually, I tried to reboot the roon server like 10 times.

Good thought going forward, especially for newly released PSA products. Not implying that they would have a lot of issues, but as the M1200 and Stellar Phon Preamp are newly released they’d be good candidates. Any takers out there? I’d do it but own neither. Another option would be FW updates for the DSD DAC, of course we have a thread dedicated to it, but it tends to have a lot of “noise”. No complaints just trying to add to positive ideas.

It is a solid idea; a wiki of sorts for each product would be immensely valuable.

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I am not sure how I can know if I have the last update or not. When I try to listen music from bubbleupnp or MConnect, it seems to work perfectly. What could I do next?

Oh well, leaving the DSD Jr. un-touched for the day resulted in its network connection being gone and the opportunity for me to try to discover a way to make it work again a fresh and completely unwanted opportunity.

B A H !!!

Worse case: will it work if I use an USB cable?
What would be the cable to buy?

If you go into the settings within the MConnect app while you have the DSJ selected as the play to device, it should tell you which version of FW is on the Bridge and whether or not there is an update.

Yes, you can also use a USB cable. It is a standard USB type A to type B. The same type of cable between a computer and a printer.

I don’t see any information atound the firmware of the DAC in MConnect.
Where it is in the apps?
I have the lite version

This comes from bubbleupnp. Is it helpful?

Well, sorry for the french. Not my fault! :slight_smile:

No you’ll need to use the MConnect app. The other way to do it is to scroll through the settings on the DSJ itself. You’ll want the DSJ itself to have Windom and the Bridge version should be 3.6.86.

Settings > device setup >

I think my bridge us up to date…

Perfect, all up to date. And to be sure, you’ve also tried powering down and powering up the Roon server? Other than this, the only other thing I can think of is uninstalling Roon core and installing it again. This recently fixed the problem another user was experiencing.

Is there multiple versions of windom?
Mine says Windom 00.40 everything else same version.