New Problem w/ Roon and PSA DS Sr. DAC

Needs some help/insight, please…

This popped up yesterday out of the blue:

Anyone have any idea what I should do next…?

@Paul @jamesh …Bueller…?

Thanks in advance.

Did you reboot your Core?

Yep. No effect.


Did you power down the DS? As in unplug?

You use Bridge2 as endpoint I presume?

O.K., problem solved.

@vkennedy61 suggesting that I reboot Roon Core inspired me to try something obvious: I rebooted the DS DAC and that did the trick.

Thanks to all who replied so quickly.

This was a new experience for me and I have no idea what could have caused the temporary “decertification” of the DS DAC (and/or Bridge II Ethernet card).


[@Paul @jamesh ]


We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.


Go Team!

That’s odd. The Bridge and DS Sr. have long been certified as Roon ready.

A reboot of the DAC did the trick so I am chalking it up to :man_shrugging:.


For the future, this usually only shows up if the Bridge II has older code on it. Good to know a reboot did the trick though!