DSj + Zen Mini + DSD files

My DSj is fed by USB from the Zen Mini Mk3. I rip SACDs into DSD files, actually they become DSF files. But when I play them through, the DSj display these files as PCM 352, not as DSD.

Any idea why this is happening? I have a PS3 for ripping the SACDs, I also have DMP for best possible sonics. But sometimes a server is so convenient to bounce around from disc to disc.

Either the ripping process or the Zen Mini is processing the data. A ripped SACD will show DSD (or DoP) 64. If it’s slightly corrupted by, say a volume control, then it will show PCM 24/176.8. Something before the DS is converting to PCM 352.8 or is converting to double rate DSD (DSD128) and then it’s later being corrupted with a volume control, eq, or something.


Thank you Ted for the detail answer. I was curious why it happens. Regardless,
the files sounds good through the Zen and DSj.