DSjr Display Panel Explanation

I just received my DSjr today. I’m very excited and enjoying it as it breaks in. One thing that is a little mysterious is the display screen. I’ve figured out what most of the symbols on the screen tell me (I think), but for the life of me I can’t figure out why there is a small Upper Case R in the top right of the display.

I’m running the DSjr with the BridgeII as my digital source, being fed by Roon. Everything works, but I’m just curious about the R.

Some assumptions I’m making regarding other symbols:

  • capital P on the far right means Polarity is 'In' (normal)
  • capital L on bottom far right means Level is set to Low
Also is there a way to have DSjr display the source material information longer than the approximate 5 seconds before the Volume setting reappears? For that matter, is there a way mid-song to return to the source material details (i.e. format, name)?

It would be great if the manual gave a full explanation of the screen, but short of that a community built description here would surely help.

Here’s a cheat sheet: http://www.psaudio.com/forum/directstream-all-about-it/directstream-junior/page-7/#p60636

The E means preEmphesis is detected.

The B means Bit perfect.

The M means Mute is enabled

The P means out out Phase

The R means Roon is streaming to the DAC

Thank you these definitions, explains my R. My last question was regarding the source attributes (e.g. 24 x 192), it quickly displays & reverts back to volume level often faster than I can read it. Being I’m just breaking things in (I’ve owned PSjr less than 12 hours), I’m trying to verify link to Roon, in that am I getting the full resolution of the original source file. Is there a way to control time it is displayed or to switch the display back to the source description?

Thanks again.

I didn’t answer the rest of your questions because Dennis would have more accurate information :slight_smile: But FWIW I don’t think you can set the time delay for that page of the display. I don’t think you can use the remote to redisplay the sample rate/sample width. Two kludges: With the button just to the left of the display you can press it for a while to get to the balance settings page and then tap the button again to see the format info page. With your player/streaming control software if you play something with a different sample rate and then play the file in question again you’ll see the info for a little (with some software playing again after a pause or stop may cause a redisplay.)

Thanks for the explanation Ted.

Under what conditions would the bit perfect be displayed? I have not noticed it before and I have had my unit since May.

There’s a how to in the resources part of the PS Audio web pages: http://www.psaudio.com/ps_how/how-to-run-a-bit-perfect-test-with-directstream/

The quick synopsis is that you play a test file and the DS (Jr) will let you know if it gets exactly what’s expected.

Hey all.

+1 for the issue above of being able to display the bitrate info during playback… Is there a design tweaks / feedback thread? (As a new DSJ owner I am thrilled with the sound quality, and have a couple, gentle pieces of feedback re: operational bits).


I don’t know of one off of the top of my head. You can start another thread… We are a little Laissez-faire about organization here :slight_smile: Many of us read all threads. I have a list of UI improvements in my head as well for the next release (whenever that it.)

Chris_Y said Is there a design tweaks / feedback thread?
Welcome, Chris

As Ted noted, we have a relaxed organizational style. For whatever reason, this group is the model for cats when cats consider whether they have become too organized.

Please feel free to start a new thread in this forum if you think it would be beneficial. PSA and other forum members would be very happy to learn what you think.

I tried to start a dedicated thread Here but it was in the main Sr DAC thread