DSJ Display Question

Is there a way to get the DSJ to keep the currently playing song name on the screen?

Right now, it pops up when a new song starts playing but reverts to sample rate pretty quickly. I don’t really care about the rate and would rather the song name stay on the screen.

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I don’t use the bridge so I don’t know for sure. There’s a setup option (“Main View”) that lets you pick the default screen that the device goes back to after a timeout. I think one of the options is Bridge. To get to the options you need to hold the screen button down for a while until you get to a different screen then repeatedly press the button until you get to the option page you want.

Thanks, Ted. Mine is set to bridge and it still reverts to the encoding rate.

If no one else answers email or call PS Audio support. I honestly don’t know if it’s a feature, a feature of some bridge software or just not supported.