DSJr screen does not turn off

I run PSJr with Roon and use the capability of changing volume from Roon. I have the PSJr screen timeout set to 10 secs. If I change volume with the PSJr physical knob, the screen goes off as expected after those 10 secs. If I use Roon to change volume, the PSJr screen lights up and reflect the change but NEVER goes off again. I have changed the time-out period to other settings, but not unexpectedly that does not help.

Bug or is there some more setting I have missed?


I used to own a DS Junior and had the exact same issue. It was annoying but I tried not controlling the volume in Roon. Used the remote instead. Later I got a BHK Pre and stopped changing volume from the DS Junior.
I don’t own DSJ anymore, upgraded to DS Senior. DS Sr. doesn’t have this issue.

Howdy Per,

Good catch - what you’ve found is somewhere between a bug and the way things are.

When you’re using Roon with the DSJ, the Bridge II stays fully active - basically, the Bridge II holds the connection with Roon in high priority to ensure stable performance. This means once you change the volume in Roon, the Bridge keeps that particular channel of communication open even after you finish adjusting the volume. This allows for easy subsequent volume changes. It’s simply how the Bridge II module handles important streaming communication.

So, our engineering team is aware of it, though it would take a lot of man hours to cook up a clever workaround. We obviously want to maintain the current high priority streaming, so finding a method to work within that framework is tricky.

So long story short, our engineering team has this particular bug on their backburner. If one of the software guys comes up with a clever fix, we’ll implement it. Otherwise, we’ll address it with the Bridge III.

I hope this answer helps!

Thanks, yes it helps - it even makes a bit of sense :slight_smile:

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