DSS works same system years, reinstall windows, no connect, try all tricks

Using a DSS in the same exact setup for years. No hardware changes at all. Reinstalled windows to same specs as previous. Now the Driver does not want to install. I have tried all the usual known tricks. I am not new at this. I have no clue why it is not working. I apologize that there are 500 posts like this. I am a bit more seasoned than some of the others. So my being stumped is not in fact user error. There is either something not ordinarily looked for or a fluke hardware failure. Thank you for taking the time to help me.

This is very strange. Updated Windows 10 Pro. Now the PS Audio driver software fully installs. At the end of the installation a box pops up that states “There was an error, no drivers were installed” I click OK on that and another box pops up stating “The drivers are fully installed, your device is ready to use”. However no sound device is present on the PC at that point. The driver software is in uninstall programs though. It is also fully present in it’s correct folder under program files. I am pretty savvy with this. This is something I have not encountered. Which is why I am asking if anyone can offer assistance. Which would be greatly appreciated. I have a feeling perhaps outside of maybe Ted no one has seen this behavior either. I am completely baffled with this and at this point may finally be moving on. I have good incentive, as the DSS is but long in the tooth at this juncture. If I can still use it that would be nice. Thank you

Never mind. This has been solved. With about 12 wasted hours by myself. I am glad no one replied to this and wasted their time as well. It was a very slightly bad cable. I checked the cable on other systems multiple times. It was not until I used a scope that I realized the issue. It was just bad enough to not jive with this one particular machine and work fine on others. It suffered from very high frequency noise propagation riding on the outside of the shield. This was most likely due to the cable at some point being subjected to have been tightly twisted. I would highly doubt by myself. Certainly not to my recollection. It is not a cheap cable. So that is the end of the story. A lot of wasted time and money down the drain.


Glad you got it sorted. Sorry the nice cable is bad though. :pensive:

Thank you. I am upset at the time I wasted. Plus it happened at a bad time. Low on cash. I only get good stuff. I had to lay out a lot of money for a cable. Just unfortunate. I have no clue how that happened. All I can think is cleaning people but that would be really odd.