Dual Subs, daisy chain vs L&R vs LFE Y-Splitter

I purchased two Rel 1508 because Paul has one, and if the man has one, it must be good!
I have an older home theater Preamp, McIntosh MX135 which has one single sub out, either XLR or RCA. My fronts amplifier are using XLRs, so that means I also have Left & Right fronts Pre out RCAs not being used.
Should I connect the Rel subs to Sub out RCA or Sub out XLR with Y-Splitter?
Or Should I Daisy chain them?
Or should I use Left and Right RCA outs and get stereo subs? But then I would not have LFE for movies right?
I like 50/50 music/movies.
My Pre amp sub output says it is:
±0.5dB from 20Hz-140Hz and it says that:
(If any of the Channels have the Loudspeaker Setting of Small, the subwoofer has an electronic low pass filter with a 24dB per Octave rolloff in all modes except external.)
I can only choose distances, levels, small or large, and crossover from 60 to 120hz.
My front speakers are B&W 803D rated at 35hz, my rears are 804s rated at 38hz and my center is HTM3 rated at 42hz.
Sorry for the long post!!!
Thank you!

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Welcome PabloSrt8!

I’m not a subwoofer but a lot of info I’ve received from this Forum, Randy from JL Audio, and Barry Ober the soundoctor. I recommend going to his website for proper set up of your Rel subs.


Welcome! Paul has and would recommend using the speaker level Speakon Connectors for REL subs.


Only problem, the HT version don’t have those :frowning:

Right, get one of these. They have an XLR and RCA version. Allows you to create your own speaker level connections. It works great!

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This is very interesting.
So this is like converting a th-1508 to a t9i? I’m going to read about this.
Thank you!

You’re welcome! It sounds like a crazy idea but the literal sound is excellent. I’ve connected my subs via RCAs, XLRs and now this Jensen high level device. The high level method sounds the best. I had Kimber make me a set of 4TC cables with bananas on the amp end and Neutrik SpeakOn on the other end. They plug right into the Jensen transformer. Then using XLRs between the transfer and subs.

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Jensen Transformers is a great company. Product support is excellent.

Call Rel. I’m sure they will be able to assist.

As an owner of T series subs, going high-level in stereo is key. The ambience retrieval and sound reinforcement are while in stereo is massive improvement over mono and low-level stereo.

John Hunter has written a lot about this set-up being the favored for his subs, largely because all sound that emanates from the subs retains the same signal quality and all operate as one cohesive source. It lights up a soundstage in front of the speakers like a “house-lights went up”.

Because you have the HT model, I have no idea of whether or not you can run LFE and Stereo low-level but I would read the manual. On the T series one can run both.